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Updating Your Photos on Gaydar

When was the last time you updated your photos on your dating profile? Have you ever updated your photos on

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How do I know if my crush is gay?

Ah yes, the age old dilemma in the gay world. How are we meant to know if our crushes bat for

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Is he flirting with me?

What are the signs to look for if you think someone is flirting with with? Surely all signs of flirtation

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A Fresh Looking Gaydar Grid

One of the big differences you’ll notice about the new Gaydar (coming soon) is the updated homepage or as we’ll

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Bare the musical – Sydney

BARE the LGBT Musical – Back By Popular Demand! Due to popular demand, the dates for Bare the LGBT Musical

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Some Rules When Texting Your Major Crush

We all get to that point. You’ve exchanged countless messages back and forth online and the time has come to

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5 steps to creating a great dating profile

Photos Your profile photo is the window to your profile.  It’s what attracts others to click/tap to explore your profile

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Introducing the new Gaydar

Ready for 2017?  We are! 2016 has been A LOT of working behind the scenes to design, test and build

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Online Dating New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions. You either love them or hate them. Some of us choose not to make these so-called planned

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Out of Office Group Trips Part 2

If you were reading our blog last week, you may have noticed in one of our posts that we’re shifting

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Some Online Dating Etiquette Tips

Etiquette is such a ‘formal’ word. We’ve tried to find other words that sound a tad more relaxed, but all

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Out of Office Group Trips

Christmas is over for another year. Now it’s January 2017. Time to put those resolutions into action and make plans

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What to send in your first online message

You’ve done it. It’s Wednesday night, you’ve signed up to Gaydar, uploaded your photos and completed your own personal profile.

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The First ever ‘UK Pride’ is happening this year!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had an amazing holiday and awesome New Year. Now that 2017 is

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4 More tips to make your profile stand out

Creating a great profile is more of an art than a science – but there are some easy ingredients you

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Why it’s important to complete your Gaydar profile

Your NEW Gaydar site will soon be here.  We’re making some big improvements to your profile, so why not take

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Bringing the bf home this Christmas? Here’s a few tips from us…

Firstly, a congratulations is probably in order, since you’ve survived the “the “Where do we go for Christmas?” argument and

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Gaydar’s gift suggestions for that someone special

With just two days left until Christmas, some of us are sat at home organised and ready for the festivities, whilst

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part 2

Guys we dated in our 20’s part 2

Yep – more guys we dated in our 20’s. Too many to put on one post in fact! The ‘nerd’

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Your new Gaydar profile design

Before and during the design, build and shaping of the new (Gaydar), we spoke to our members all over the

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