Spicing Up Your Sex Life In 2024


Gareth Johnson
15 January 2024

At this point, it’s not a secret that the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions end up failing. People set the bar too high, aim for the sun, and fall flat. I’m here to propose something a little more achievable. Something to enjoy as opposed to feeling like work. The proposal? Take this time to actually invest in some enjoyable additions for your sex life!

’ll talk you through items from a range of price points, depending how much you want to throw yourself in. But trust me, however much you commit – it’ll pay dividends.

Cock Rings

A simple one to start off with, but you really can’t understate the power of a good cock ring. While these things come in all shapes, sizes and materials, a good adjustable leather cock ring is simply hard to beat. People use cock rings for a number of reasons. Some may find a cock ring simply more pleasurable, others may like the aesthetics, and some use a cock ring to achieve a longer lasting erection. This works by essentially ‘trapping’ blood in the penis, keeping you harder for longer.

Another good thing about cock rings? They tend to be on the cheaper side of things!

Amyl Poppers

Not all poppers are created equal, dear reader. You owe it to yourself to seek out the good stuff over a bottle that’s been sitting on the back shelf behind the till of a sex store for longer than anyone can remember.

You might not be aware, but there are different formulas of poppers, and these formulas can have slightly different effects and strengths. Amyl poppers, for example, tend to be the strongest and most sought after of the bunch. Instead of hitting instantly and wearing off quickly, like other poppers, amyl will slowly build up in strength over time until it reaches a high peak.

You’ll find that quite a lot of the iconic Rush Poppers will contain the original amyl formula used in the 70’s, but I’m here to recommend something a bit different. Iron Fist Poppers comes in an aluminium bottle which, not only helps it stand out, also helps to keep the liquid inside stronger for longer. Iron Fist is a favourite on the Berlin scene and I can’t recommend it enough.

Amyl, despite being the original poppers formula, can traditionally be a bit hard to come across in stores. That’s slowly changing, but for the time being online stores like Twisted Beast will ship amyl poppers UK wide and to both Europe and the US as well.

Cum Lube

Let’s talk about upgrading one of your basics to something a bit more exciting. We’re talking cum lube. Everyone needs lube, so this is a quick win when it comes to spending a bit more on your sex life. It’s stringy, it’s milky, it’s not sticky – it’s just more exciting than your standard lube. What’s more, most cum lube is water-based and non-toxic – perfect for toys, your butt and even your mouth!

Platinum Silicone Toys

It’s time to stop buying cheap, plastic toys. Not only do cheap toys not feel particularly good, the material that they’re often made of can make them unhygienic at times. The gold standard you want to look for is platinum silicone.

Unlike traditional plastics, silicone is non-porous, meaning bacteria cannot hide during cleaning, and because of the higher melting point, platinum silicone can be sanitised in boiling water. Because of the natural squish and bounce of the silicone, toys made from this substance also feel naturally flesh-like, which feels lovely on your skin. If I can add one more added bonus, they’re chemically stable, which means your toys won’t develop any odd smells.

All this combined together creates a toy that will last you a very long time if looked after properly.

So, for recommendations? Brett from Twisted Beast is a good, go to ‘standard’ dildo with a gloss tip at the end which is an excellent finishing touch. If you’re looking for something a bit more ‘exotic’ – Marchosias is a demon themed dog dildo with knotts and bulges in all the right places that a realistic dildo simply can’t satisfy.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to try something a bit different in the new year. Kink doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive and break the bank to be fun. So go ahead, dive head in and see what you like!


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