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Gaydar Blog
09 May 2024

Brought to you by the team at Gaydar, Means Happy is our digital publication that goes deep and hard on the things that matter to gay men.

Means Happy is mostly sexed-up guys, style updates, travel features, and entertainment – plus there’s dating. We talk a lot about dating.

The editor of Means Happy is Gareth Johnson. Originally from Australia, Gareth now lives in London. Gareth is a journalist, writer, and podcast host who specialises in gay stuff.

Got a story that you think we should be covering? Got a favourite porn-star that you’d like to read more about? Got a story to share or a confession to make? Get in touch!

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Comments (6)

  1. Avatar John Thompson says:

    Need to enjoy the rest of my life in memory of my partner of 40 years

  2. Avatar Ross says:

    Another youth- & London-centric event. Why would ‘fierce queens’ make me smile? Get out into the regions please!

    • Rob Curtis Rob Curtis says:

      Hey Ross – where would you like us to come and host an event?

      • Avatar Ross says:

        Sorry for late reply, the blog isn’t something I check out regularly, mainly because it has very little of interest to us old folks! In respect of venues, it’d be great if you could inject some life into the scenes in Newcastle, Durham & York. I live in Darlington, still relatively hostile environment for LGBT people, but you might be able to team up with Bar One in town for a special night, or do something big in the market square!

  3. Avatar Adam Ramsey says:

    I am in Scotland now, but use to live near Peterborough, and go to a large venue, The Grand in Ramsey Cambs and they host big gay nites


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