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03 August 2023

For many years poppers have been a product many of us enjoy to either get in the mood or intensify the action. It all started when a French chemist came up with the original formula around 1844. At the time it was designed with certain medical conditions in mind. Over the years the formulation has changed a lot and it was not till 1970s that the product became better known. Its popularity started in the gay scene but after the 90s it became more mainstream and now poppers are available in a variety of places and bought by people from all walks of life, sexuality and gender. That said, there are plenty of people that are not a fan of this product. If you would like to know more then please follow this link what are poppers?

Skip forward to 2023

In today’s world room aromas as they are also called are still very much a go-to product to make encounters more intimate or to increase experiences on the dancefloor, at festivals or parties. The formulation in the bottles might have changed but still deliver the desired effect. What has changed is the number of suppliers that are creating brands and offering variations of the formula. For decades it was always liquid gold poppers that was the most popular along with Rush, Jungle Juice and brands like Pure Gold, Bang and TNT. Even though these classics are still very popular there seems to be a new generation that have taken over as best sellers and here are the 3 that seem to have taken the nation by storm.

Berlin XXX Hardcore

This brand seems to have the strongest appeal out of all the next-generation poppers. The feedback on our store for these XXX bad boys is 5 stars and even our testers class Berlin as one of the best out there. Aimed at the hardcore market you will find these in all good adult stores and in fetish venues all over the UK.

Power Pellet Poppers

We see more brands on the market that have a power pellet in the bottle. The idea behind this is that it keeps the formulation stronger for longer. When you start using room aromas that have already been opened you should shake the bottle. The concept behind the pellet is that the shaking re-ignites the remaining content. To be completely honest I do not have the scientific background to confirm that this actually works but what I do know is that power pellet brands sell well. More importantly many customers come back for a re-purchase which is the best sign a customer is satisfied. Within this product range, Power Rush is the best seller followed by Potent Blue, Xtreme Power and Leather Cleaner.

European imports

We have seen an influx in imported products mainly from Europe that are standing the test of time. Brands like Twisted Beast, Juic’d, Quicksilver and Amsterdam are fan favourites. Often these bottles have a slightly different shape as they come in square bottles rather than the traditional round ones. They are frequently a little bit more expensive as they must be imported but that does not seem to stop the hardcore popper lover.

There are more developments to come I am sure but the above are the most significant changes over the last few years. Many of you will already know this but to keep your room aromas last longer and stay fresh we always recommend that you store them in a dark cold place.

Your fridge or even freezer is ideal for this. What you do not want to do is expose them to direct sunlight or keep them in a warm place.

If you have never used any of the “next generation” poppers we would suggest that the time is now as the summer sale is on and many brands are discounted. This way you can try some new ones for less. You will always find the best value in multi and mixed packs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. You can call or email us. We have a great team of people that are more than happy to help you on your way to find you the best popper match.

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  1. Avatar paul lobley says:

    yes. been offline for a while due to technical problems. GAYDAR website has now improved since relaunch in April. now technically easier to use with less buffering – but old site was MUCH better, so says everyone who gas been around for a few years or longer. common complaints include ruining choice of subjects for CHAT ROOMS. who wants to chat about pets, theatre, films, food etc. GAYDAR was always a dating and chat site with a strong sexual content – this has now gone. just clicking onto any room or even the main page for contacts and you will find hardly anyone there nowadays – most of my old contacts have deserted the site and will probably never return. trying to find new contacts now is almost impossible as there are so few NEW guys actually online to message. this didn’t use to be the case. CHAT ROOMS need beefing up to reflect some sexual interests in other guys. suggest a FETISH site or bring back CYBER which is what it says. even on regional and local area sites there are now very few people to chat to. it also needs to be easier to see invitations to private chat and to send them – these are currently easy to miss in left hand column which you need to keep scrolling down, which is another arduous task. the site, though now much improved and always good in appearance, now needs to work for guys who may be on the move and haven’t the time to work out the intricacies of it. i still think FAVOURITES online could be highlighted better than just having to scroll down a list of contacts to see which ones have a green line under them – not good enough.

  2. Avatar Eamonn says:

    hi there on the old site you were able to get notifiction on mobile. phones to let u know that someone sent u a mesage that went on. the new site any chance ot. can come. back

  3. Avatar David says:

    On the old site, when typing a message, you could click on a button to add pics to the message from ones ‘private’ section. One could also separate text into paragraphs. All this is now impossible. Please change it back or make it possible again.
    No one wants to search through pages and pages of photos.
    It would be much easier to click on a geographical region; then find pics divided into top guys, bottom guys or ‘no preference’


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