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Gaydar Blog
26 October 2023

It lasted to mid-October but now the cold is really setting in. Time to change the wardrobe and get all wrapped up and stay nice and toasty! Cold weather also means more time in, this is where we come in! With a massive collection of male sex toys, fetish tools & gear and lots of sexy wear we have everything you need to keep you satisfied this winter indoors. For those of you that love some poppers in the UK we have a sister store that has all the best poppers in stock.

As we have thousands of items in stock, we thought we highlight some areas and product that we hope will put a big smile on your face.

For those that like it up the bum we have cracking tools!

There are many ways to keep yourself entertained through the back passage so to speak. From very intense sensations by hitting the P-spot with a prostate massager to hole filling thrusting tools that will leave you satisfied in a whole different manner. Our anal toys for men selection caters for everything, but prostate massagers for P-spot loving and dildos, vibrators and plugs are 2 best-selling areas. When it comes to p-spot pleasure note that bigger is not perse best. You want the correct curve, so the massager reached the spot. As the “money” spot is small there is no need for a big toy. Ones arrived at the pleasure point you can start massaging or switch on the vibrations. Many prostate massagers have several vibe-function’s. Some have up to 10 different functions, and we dare you to get to the 10th and not be shaking with joy. Many will cum way before the last setting. A bottle of the best poppers might even speed up this process.

Now to the thrusting pleasure.

Rather than the delicate touch, some men enjoy a good old seeing to. This can be emulated by our selection of dildo and vibrators. The principle is simple, choose the size, shape and colour that speak to you the most, apply some lube and off you go. Many of our customers go up a size every so often to keep enjoying that full thrusting experience. From feedback we know that some elements can make all the difference. One of them is a suction cup, this allows you to stick the toys on a smooth item so you can ride it like a cowboy. This can be on the floor on the wall in your shower. It will be the best shower you’ll ever have. Secondly, we have a selection of vibrators that add extra stimulation. Especially the rotating and “auto-punching” one will make you weak in the knees. Plenty of indoor fun to be had!

Manhood tools.

Now to those who crave manhood play. The obvious choice is a masturbator, of which we have many in store. They vary in price, quality and complexity. For example, we have the auto-blow which will give you an amazing hands-free experience. Another popular brand is Fleshjack, you will be surprised how strong the suction is with the bad boys. They have a screw cap with which you can control the strength of the suction. When the cap is fully closed the suction is so strong I have yet to find a person that replicate that.

Like a bit more pain?

Many of our shoppers like a bit of pain. It is the kind of pain that hurts so good, it is hard to explain. Take sounding for example, a practice that I could not get to grips with at first. But now that I have mastered it, I am loving it! The experience sends shivers through your whole body, at first, I thought it a discomfort till I got to the good bit, and I started to understand it a bit more. It really can be a good passing of time during the winter period.

Keep looking sexy!

Even though we might be spending more time indoors it still feels good to look sexy. Whether this is a pair of sexy underwear, a singlet or fetish gear. Get yourself decked out in sexy gear is great for those pics you might share to get some trade in or to share on socials. In addition to that it is always nice to get a good impression the first time you take your trousers or jeans off. Seeing a sexy pair of Addicted underwear always beats being confronted with pair of old pants.

So, these are some winter tips focussed on the indoor winter period combined with adult play. Lastly, we want to highlight our gay calendars, simply because it is nice to look at. We have a horny collection of full naked men, bears, twinks and leather guys. Perfect for when you’re on the WC or as an entertaining gift for someone.

Enjoy your winter!

To have a look at all that is available please have a look at our store.

For Adult tools and gear visit
For your poppers, please visit

With Love,
Team esmale



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