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10 August 2023

The jockstrap is one of the classic styles of underwear that you’ll generally find in every gay guy’s wardrobe. It would be surprising to find a gay guy who doesn’t own at least one jockstrap.

The history of the jockstrap

The origins of the eye-catching style of underwear that we know as the jockstrap can be traced back to 1874. It was first produced by a Chicago sporting goods company called Sharp & Smith, who were looking for a bespoke underwear solution for the bicycle couriers working the cobblestone streets of Boston. At that time, the bicycle riding couriers were known as bike jockeys.

It was known as the Bike Jockey Strap, and it was the Bike Web Company who took up production, later becoming known as the Bike Company. Bike remained a market-leading manufacturer of jockstraps until 2016, when it was purchased by Russell Athletic.

The basic design of the jockstrap is fairly uniform  -  an elastic waistband, to which is attached a support pouch for the cock and balls, and two elastic straps fixed to the base of the pouch and to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip.

The innovation of the jockstrap was that it cups and supports your cock and balls, helping to protect them and keep them out of harm’s way whatever you’re doing –  for example, it protects your balls from being crunched on the hard seat of your bicycle as you clatter over cobblestones on a delivery run.

The jockstrap in sports

The jockstrap style of underwear quickly grew in popularity, and was widely adopted as a form of protective wear used in a wide range of sports. Additional protection or guards are routinely added for sports such as cricket, fencing, and lacrosse.

The sports teams of North American schools and colleges quickly became big enthusiasts of the jockstrap, the term ‘jock’  -  commonly used in North America to refer to an athletic guy  –  emerged in the late 1950s, and is attributed to the jockstraps worn by sporty guys.

Gay guys and jockstraps

The sports association is one of the main reasons that gay guys are huge fans of jockstraps. Regardless of whether or not we enjoy participating in sports, or even watching them, the locker-room scenario is something that frequently fuels our fap fantasies.

There’s also something undeniable sexual about the jockstrap. This is underwear that frames your ass, presents it, invites everyone to pay attention to your butt. It also sends a clear signal of intent – I’m ready for action, you don’t even need to undress me, just get right in there.

Some guys like being fucked while wearing a jockstrap. There’s a couple of reasons for this. If you want the top to really take control, it can feel good to have him grabbing your jockstrap, holding you in position with a firm grip. It also makes it clear that you’re looking for pleasure in your ass. Unless you’re primed on Cialis or something similar, it’s pretty difficult to maintain an erection while you’re being fucked – if you’re wearing a jockstrap, your cock is out of sight and everyone’s attention is on shoving hard cocks up your ass.

Buying a jockstrap

Every brand of underwear aiming for the gay market will have numerous jockstraps in their range.

It will probably take a bit of trial and error to find the brand and style that you feel most comfortable in.

You need something robust, but still sexy. A wide waistband is good for comfort, and thick solid connecting straps are generally the way to go so that they don’t get twisted up when you’re getting into them.

If you’re planning on wearing the jockstrap while having sex, don’t forget that colour can send a pretty clear signal about what you’re into – yellow means piss-play, blue means anal, and red means fisting.

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