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Gaydar Blog
08 June 2024

Dating online is a lot of fun. Used properly, a dating site can be the gateway to a new friend, a boyfriend or a bit of fun!  But whatever you’re using online dating for, it’s important to stay safe.

Remember you are dealing with strangers

Not everyone online is who they say they are, so apply some caution! It’s perfectly normal to do some preliminary online searches on social media to ensure the person you’re meeting is who he says he is.

Ideally you should always meeting in a public place… 

Until you have the measure of someone, meet up in busy, public places.  Like a local bar or cafe.

…But if you can’t resist, tell someone where you’re going

If you’re going on a date with someone you’ve never met before, make an effort to tell a friend or family member your plans.  You don’t have to tell them every little detail, but things like where you’re going and how long you think your date may last are good starting points.

Drop a text to your friend when you’ve met your date. You should also drop them a message when you’re on your way home.

Got a bad memory?  Why not try a tracking app?  They allow your friends to check where you are.

Never give out personal details online

This can sound tough when you’re trying to get to know someone.  Of course you’ll want to swap phone numbers, but steer clear of giving out you date of birth, place of birth, and other details which could be used for identity fraud.  Yes, this still happens.

Never give money to someone you meet online

This may sound really obvious, but online scams trick thousands of people worldwide each year. Never give someone you’ve never met, or only just met, money – no matter the reason. Often scammers will suggest they need the money to come to meet you, or for urgent family reasons.

No matter how emotionally tied you feel to the person – which can happen after weeks of chatting to them all day everyday –  remember, they are still a stranger.

The same applies in the early stages of a relationship. It’s not normal for someone you have recently begun a relationship with to ask you for large sums of money.  Keep your wits about you! 

If he really has lost his phone or his laptop, or been stranded abroad without his wallet, he will have someone he actually knows who can help him!

Put the technology to work, with


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