Hit the boxing ring with Asbjørn in his Nothing 2 Lose video

Michael Baggs

Michael Baggs
26 February 2018

Danish star Asbjørn has dropped the video for his new single Nothing 2 Lose and all of a sudden, we’re into boxing.

Nothing 2 Lose is Europop at its finest. It mixes big dance beats with a catchy hook and a massive string section. What’s not to love?

Asbjørn says the song is “about togetherness and nurturing one another” and “making each other stronger.” So there’s a strong message behind this banger as well.

The video, meanwhile, takes a sweaty trip to Asbjørn’s local boxing club for a perfectly choreographed workout.

Watch the video here.

Asbjørn has made a name for himself in Scandinavia by challenging gender norms with music and videos. His previous release, Boy PWR called out ‘brave LGBT kids’ and made a dig at Donald Trump.

Find out more about Asbjørn at his Facebook page.

Michael Baggs

Michael Baggs

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