Navigating a breakup? Hitting the gym is a good place to start.

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Gaydar Blog
22 May 2024

Break-ups can be tough, and it’s a good idea to take a bit of time-out and recalibrate yourself as you adjust to the changes that follow.

However, even if you’re not looking to dive back into another relationship, we’ve got intimacy needs – you’ve got to get back out there in some shape or form.

Obviously, updating your dating apps is a good starting point. Change your relationship status to single, upload a new profile photo, and start sending out some DMs. Let the guys in your area know that you are totally available.

Another sensible thing to focus on is spending a bit of time in the gym.

Sure, the gym is a great place to cruise for guys and get a bit of action in the locker-room, but there’s additional benefits to spending time in the gym when it comes to getting back in the dating game.

Regular work-outs will not only boost your health but you’ll also feel better – regularly releasing those endorphins will help you feel happier and more confident. You may not want to change the way you look, but staring in the mirror as you pump some weights is a good way to reflect on all your good qualities – you’re a catch and it’s important to remind yourself of that.

If it’s been a while since you’ve hit the gym, the idea of hitting the fitness regime might feel a bit daunting. Here’s a few simple tips to get you started.

Start Off Easy

If you’re kick-starting a post-relationship fitness campaign, you need to be realistic about your objectives and your goals. Start off easy – don’t set yourself up for failure.

Having a chat with a personal trainer or fitness professional is a great idea – they can help tailor a workout plan that is designed around you – but you might prefer to just figure it out for yourself.

Set yourself targets that are achievable. It could be as simple as go to the gym three times a week for four weeks. It doesn’t even matter that much what you do when you get there – the simple act of spending time in the gym is progress.

As you get into a bit of a routine and you’re regularly spending time in the gym, start to think about what you do when you’re there. For example, it could be 10 minutes on cardio, 10 minutes on legs, and 10 minutes on chest or back or arms. A bit of structure can help to make the workout achievable and beneficial.

Rethink your diet

Making some changes to your diet can deliver some really significant benefits to your health and fitness as well as your confidence when you’re getting naked with another guy.

You don’t have to spend big on supplements and protein powders – focus on reducing processed foods, reducing sugar, reducing alcohol, and eating more fresh and seasonal produce.

A healthy diet combined with a bit of regular exercise is going to be a great foundation for whatever you want to tackle.

Take some photos

When you’re on a fitness journey, it’s really easy to focus on the negatives – all the things that you still want to work on, the changes that you want to make. It’s also important to reflect on all the good work that you’ve done and the achievements you’ve already accomplished.

Regularly taking some naked photos is not only handy material for your hook-up app chat but they’re a great record of how your body is changing as you improve your diet and focus on your gym routine.

Get amongst it

Dating and relationships is a bit like riding a bike – if you have a break-up or fall off, the only thing to do is pick yourself up and get back on it. You have to put yourself out there in order to move on.

Why not multi-task? While you’re sitting on a stationary bike at the gym getting some cardio in, open up your dating app and send some DMs to the guys that are online near you. Turn that metaphor into reality!

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