What photos can I upload to my Gaydar profile?

Gaydar Blog

Gaydar Blog
30 May 2024

It’s not rocket science to know that if you’ve got a great profile photo on your Gaydar profile then you’re more likely to get contacted by local guys looking for some fun.

However, there’s obviously a range of reasons why you might not want or be able to include a photo of yourself as your main profile on an online dating platform such as Gaydar.

We’ve realised that one of the quirks of our platform was that if you didn’t have a photo of yourself as your main profile image then you were much less likely to appear on the grid of guys that our users see as they’re scrolling through to see who is online and looking for some action.

This effectively disadvantaged the down-low and discreet guys.

So, we’ve made some changes to make life better for everyone!

The short story is that we’ve tweaked our photo policy which increases the range of images that you can include as your main profile photo.

You still can’t have a photo that shows anything illegal or pretends to be someone that you’re not, but you could have a profile photo that shows your car, or a flower, or something else that represents you in some way.

Remember, you’ll still get the best results if your main profile photo is a great photo of you, but you’re not going to be disadvantaged if you have to go with a different photo. If you don’t have any photos uploaded then it’s still going to be difficult for other guys to find you.

Take a moment and take a look at the photo that you’ve got on your Gaydar profile – is it going to get the attention of the guys that you’re looking for? It may be time to get the camera out and take some fresh shots!

You can see the full version of our updated photo policy here.



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