5 Fun Ways To Raise Money For World AIDS Day

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Gaydar Blog
30 November 2017

World AIDS Day is coming up! Have you thought about how you’re going to raise funds for HIV and AIDS charities this year? No? Don’t worry! We’ve got five GREAT suggestions for you that should get your creative juices flowing…

1 – World AIDS Day Inspired Cocktails and Karaoke!

World AIDS Day Kasha Davis

There’s always time for a cocktail! But sometimes it feels like we’re not making enough time in our lives for karaoke. Sad, isn’t it?

This World AIDS Day, why not gather some pals together for a Red Cocktails & Karaoke Party, and charge them a small entry free. That way you can raise money whilst you raise the roof!

2 – Bake Sale!

world aids day disney

Whilst your waiting for your Red Cocktails and Karaoke Party (day drinking? Really?), why not sell some home backed goods? Get in that kitchen, bake some cakes, and sell them to your neighbours/friends/work colleagues…

3 – World AIDS Day Fun Run!

world aids day fun run

Get your family, friends and work colleagues together and get fit for charity! You could ask for local sponsors and/or charge an entry fee for those who want to participate.  Hey you could even charge for those who want to spectate! Maybe you could talk to your local gym about a sponsored workout?

4 – Dance Off!

world aids day dance off

After you’ve had a few cocktails after the party, and you’re feeling brave, why not try a dance off? Show off your moves and woo the crowd, get as many tips as you can! Then put those tips in to the charity fund.

5 – Quiz Night!

world aids day quiz night

Somewhere in between the cocktails, the dance off, a bake sale and a fun run (you’re in for a VERY busy day!), how about a quiz night? You could do one in your own home, OR take it a step further and arrange something with your local bar and collect entry donations?

Bonus: Use the Gaydar World AIDS Day Facebook Frame!

For each use of our Facebook frame, we’ll donate to the Gay Men’s Health Charity – GMFA  to help support their work with the LGBT community.

What will you be doing to raise money and awareness this World AIDS Day? Let us know in the comments or let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!



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