YES! Summertime Thorny-ness!


Gareth Johnson
03 July 2024

Don’t stop me now as I am having a good time go the words of Freddie Mercury! He must have written that belter in the summer as that is precisely how I am feeling! In fact, only stop me if you want a good time! I have my poppers in my pocket and am ready to go. As you might have guessed I LOVE the summer. The weather brings all the boys to the yard and with all the testosterone flying around they seem intent on a good time. Another thing I love is sex, lots of it. If I am not hooking up, you can find me slamming my salami with a gay masturbator and if the mood takes me, I treat myself to a session with my favourite gay dildo. Luckily, I work for and have some great staff discounts!

It is all about the men though.

However much I enjoy playing with myself and my gay sex toys, nothing beats the real thing. Sometimes I love the intimacy, other times the anonymity but all the time men. I think I am on the verge of it becoming unhealthy, but I am still on the right side of it, just! There is just something about the smell, energy and feel of a guy. What turns me on the most is the feeling you get when someone wants you as much as you want him, heaven!

Back to the Summer. I live in London, and you can feel the energy change when the weather is better. More people are out, and the streets are full of flesh. The mood seems lighter with more laughter bouncing off the walls and for some reason, it feels that everybody is kinder and also more flirty! On top of this, there are street parties, Prides, Fetish Week and several events where everybody comes together for an amazing time.

Dance, laugh, get merry and have fun. The beauty is that you find all kinds of people everywhere. Summer seems to get everybody together, luring them away from their favourite places out into the open. From men showing off their hard-earned physiques to those who don’t care and those who change it all together and drag up or otherwise change their appearance. An amazing mix of gorgeousness. And then there is little old me bouncing around with some of the best poppers chatting to as many people as I can, feeling happy. I am one of those you might not directly notice, I have no distinctive style, am not gorgeous not unpleasant looking. I like to think I have a good aura that carries me, a little. I love being in groups but never the one seeking the centre of it. A bit of a voyeur and ready to pounce when it feels right.

Are you ready for it?

Even though my male sex toys are, mostly, unused these days I still like to prepare for the summer. I frantically try to lose a few pounds but hardly ever succeed in this. I seem to be under the impression that I can lose a stone in 6 weeks. I am sure people do but I just can’t stick to any of my many regimes. I am a classic, I’ll start on Monday guy and this Monday never arrives. Also, I know that the people in my life that I care for won’t love me any more or less for it, so that does not help ☺ What I do achieve is getting a new wardrobe every year. Nothing major, a few t-shirts, and shorts plus I like to get some sexy and up-to-date underwear. You know, for that first impression when the shorts come down ☺ Wearing new gear makes me feel a bit of a new person. The last thing I do in preparation is get some essentials in. You get through a lot of lube, poppers and other sex essentials when you are as active as me.

Summer Sale!

Lucky for me, and you, there is a big summer sale on at esmale and the PopperSuperShop so you can get all you need to get ready for the summer of 2024. Up to 40% off savings and the last time I looked everything was discounted. From sex toys, underwear, harnesses, fetish to essentials. You can stock up for the period in the knowledge you won’t be caught short and can enjoy yourself without any inhibitions. I have listed the stores below for you to have a look at in case you’d like to.

Nothing left now but for me to wish you an AMAZING summer with lots of sun, fun and adult play. Get out there, be you, feel free, be kind and look after each other.

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With love,
For Gaydar from Ollie at esmale!


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