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13 November 2017

Hello Gaydar World!

I’m Amir. Creator and founder of WODproud. A group of LGBT friends and crossfitters based in London who meet monthly at various boxes for a WOD and a social!

Over the last two years I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed crossfit’s become huge. Everyone seems to be doing it. It’s great to see.

I used to volunteer for the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) for 4 years and in my last year there, won the volunteer of the year for my fundraising.

I started crossfit in 2013 and found I had less time for my charity work which is when the idea of WODproud first started. I wanted to crossfit and raise money for charity all at the same time. Getting fit and keeping active for a great cause.

My idea was to do a monthly WOD (workout of the day) and social event, but my problem at the time was that I didn’t know any other gay crossfitters.

As lady luck would have it, one night when attending a dinner party soon after having my idea, I got chatting to another gay guy who lived locally and guess what…? He’s a crossfitter! After a few hours of chatting about our fitness passion and a few meetings following, WODproud was born.



Our first event was in early November 2014 at P360 in Crystal Palace. At the time, we were a group of eight (us included).   Fast forward three years and we now have in excess of 50 athletes every month and sell out the same day.

Today, we can sell in excess of 100 spaces at a time. But unfortunately the boxes where we train in London aren’t big enough and while we would love to sell more places, we have to put the athletes safety first.

I love WODproud.

There have been so many beautiful friendships and relationships that have come from it. I personally have travelled a lot with other members.

We’ve had two sets of weddings, Brett and Janis who met on one of our weekends away and have since married and now live in Chicago with their dog Chester.

Daniel and Jorge met at a WOD 18 months ago and are happily married and live in London.

And the best part is, we have supported so many charities – doing something we love.



The Albert Kennedy Trust, Stonewall, Terence Higgins Trust, All Out, Diversity Role Models, Food Chain, LA AIDS life cycle, Sussex Beacon and Rainbow Railroad.

Personally, I would love for WODproud to go International and do events in Europe every few months.

If you’d like to join the WODproud family, you can join our Facebook group or email us – wodproud@gmail.com.




Amir has worked in sales for over 20 years. In 2009 he became really ill and took stock of his life. On his road to recovery he decided to give back to his community and started volunteering for The Albert Kennedy Trust, he won volunteer of the in 2013. He started crossfit between 2013 and 2014 and realised he had less time for his charity commitments, that’s when WODproud was born. He wanted to start a group that would meet once a month, train and then go for a social. WODproud has just turned 3 years old. WODproud has raised thousands for charity, they have had two weddings and we believe is yet to come.




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