What to watch: Challengers


Gareth Johnson
22 May 2024

Challengers is now streaming on Amazon Prime, meaning that you can watch the homoerotic MMF action and Josh O’Connor nudity from the comfort and privacy of your own home. We’re celebrating superstar director Luca Guadagnino’s latest sexual romp with a look at the hottest moments in Challengers!

But first, what is Challengers about? Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist tennis champs Patrick and Art, respectively, who meet Tashi (Zendaya) at the US Open, where the young men are competing in the boys’ doubles. Patrick, Art, and Tashi find themselves in the same hotel room, where they almost engage in a threeway, but are stopped short by Tashi. The timeline of Challengers jumps around, but here’s the jizz-st: Tashi and Patrick maintain a long-distance relationship as Patrick goes pro and Tashi and Art play collegiate tennis at Stanford. Patrick and Tashi have a falling out, after which Art and Tashi date and build a life together. Patrick suffers professionally while Tashi – after enduring a sports injury – coaches Art to the heights of tennis success.

Forty-one minutes into Challengers Josh and Mike almost become the bread in a Zendaya sandwich. The three make out at once before Zendaya extricates herself, leaving the boys all to themselves. Someone likes the view.

We’re a little shocked that Mike Faist remains clothed throughout Challengers. His crotch is covered by a towel in the sauna scene, but Josh blessedly shows off his delicious ass while facing his friend. It’s not quite the Josh O’Connor cock shots we’re used to, but we’ll live.

Thankfully a couple of nude men in the locker room pick up the slack. Sports insider Jake Jensen exposes himself in a locker room scene. Tennis player Alex Bancila can be seen in his underwear having an aggressive freakout, while an uncredited extra goes pantsless to show off his penis.

Could director Luca Guadagnino have delivered more? Absolutely. Are we going to complain about what we got in Challengers? Absolutely not!


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