Vieve Protein Water

Rafael Rozenson

Rafael Rozenson
10 November 2017

Hi! I’m Rafael Rozenson; a gay entrepreneur who started Vieve Protein Water – a new protein drink that launched summer 2017.  I’d like to share with you a little bit about me, my business and my as a gay entrepreneur.

My business:

Vieve is all about disrupting the Sports Nutrition market through a game-changing new protein drink that is water-based, naturally flavoured, has 20g protein and is (we think!) superior in taste to anything else on the market.

The idea and where it came from:

I’ve been taking protein powders for over 20 years and have always hated the taste and the process.   A few years ago, I was working for a water company and trying to bulk up so I was taking lots of powders, raw cans of tuna, chicken breast etc.  It was gross!  I remember looking at a bottle of water one day and thinking wouldn’t it be great if you could get your protein from something as refreshing as water without having to bother with powders or milky drinks.  Hence the idea was born!

Why I thought it would work:

I did my research through the internet and the sports nutrition market was booming!  Also, protein was being introduced into more and more mass-market brands (e.g. cereals, yogurts, etc) so it felt like the opportunity was ripe to do something for a mass market audience around a protein drink.

Running my own business:

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do!  I used to work for a lot of large consumer goods companies and always found it to be very frustrating.  I never really had the opportunity to put my own ideas into action and instead, spent a lot of time dealing with process and trying to overcome unnecessary, time consuming barriers.  Frustrating!

Being a gay entrepreneur:

It has its ups and downs!  On the plus side, we’ve had coverage in Attitude, Gay Times and now Gaydar which is great and I think being a gay entrepreneur opened that up.  On the downside, the industry that I work is in very old school and male, especially on the retail and manufacturing side.  Most consumer goods companies are not the most progressive when it comes to accepting diversity and I have encountered homophobia several times at some of the companies I’ve worked at which is unfortunate.   I’m proud to be who I am and to try use Vieve to change attitudes in the industry!

My advice to budding entrepreneurs:

Go for it!  Believe in yourself is the most important thing.  Do your research and really live and breathe every aspect of your business.   But never underestimate how difficult it is when you are first starting.  It is really, really hard so be prepared!

My biggest accomplishment to date:

I’m really product of our 1% pledge which is our commitment as a company to give back 1% of our profit to cause we believe in, which right now is MIND.   I’ve battled mental health issues all my life so it’s really great to give a little bit back to help others.

Give it a try!

I’m really proud of Vieve.  If i’ve inspired you to want to start your own business, great.  If you’re wondering ‘what does this drink taste like?’ Evene better!  You can find out more about Vieve and our three yummy flavours on the Vieve website.

Thanks for reading!


Rafael Rozenson

Rafael Rozenson

Rafael Rozenson is gay Israeli/Canadian/British entrepreneur with a strong background in consumer goods having worked in the industry for 12 years in a variety of blue-chip companies such as Disney, Procter & Gamble, Bacardi, GSK, Danone and most recently Mars Chocolate. Rafael is the CEO & Founder of Vieve Protein Water, a game changing new protein drink that aims to shake-up the sports nutrition market, by making it more accessible to a mass market audience. Find Vieve online @




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