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Oliver Vivary
20 March 2019

We are already three months in to 2019 so we thought it was time to give you an update of what we have been up to and maybe a little glimpse of what is coming next.

Those of you who use our iOS app will have noticed a number of updates recently bringing some new functionality for our members.


The New Travel Tab 

If you are planning a trip and want to see who is about in the area our new travel tab is for you. This new filter allows you to not only search for locations right down to the street, but also has the ability to move your location on an interactive map to pinpoint your location.

Previous searches are stored so if you have regular locations you want to search for, you can revisit them whenever you want.

So now there is no excuse to be alone on your trip, you can plan ahead!


Premium Filters 

When you compared the Power Search with the Premium Filters on the iPhone app you will have noticed that not all of the web filters were available on the app. Well no more, the latest update of the app also includes an easier to use age filter as well as many more Premium filters for our VIP users.


New Trial VIP Membership

Never tried our VIP membership? Now you have the option to see what you have been missing with our new trial membership on iOS. Try it for free for a week and if you like it, your subscription will automatically continue.

Outside of iOS we have been working on a number of other areas of the platform. These changes includes new location filters on the website, an improved push notification system on both apps and new safeguards from spammers.


What’s Next


You may have noticed that the Android app has not had much of a mention in the above updates. The android app is currently getting a completely new rebuild which we expect to be launched in the next couple of months. This will bring the most neglected part of our network up to date with the rest.


New VIP Features

We will soon be announcing a new VIP feature. This will be the first addition to the VIP features for a very long time and it is the first of many improvements for our subscribing members.


There are other launches planed for this year and we will let you know as we have more information.


Comment (1)

  1. Avatar Dan says:

    Any rough idea of when the website will be fixed?
    Are you going to fix the website too? It looks nothing like it used to, as user unfriendly as it gets, it has bizarre vanishing scroll bars, the chat rooms which used to be a USP look nothing like the user friendly original one.

    I read somewhere the intention is to destroy gaydargirls too, rather than fixing gaydar.



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