Fun Toys To Try Out In The Bedroom: Our Guide For Playful Bottoms

Gaydar Blog

Gaydar Blog
19 April 2024

Being a bottom isn’t often seen as the best role in a gay relationship, but for many men it can be a fulfilling part to play.

Thanks to its links to femininity, being a bottom is often stigmatised in gay culture, but this is changing with many men now proud to share their experiences.

For men who prefer being a bottom, it might not seem like there are many toys you can use on your partner, especially if they’re not a fan of anal play.

Dildos and other traditional sex toys can be used for bottoms as well as tops, but there are also specific products you can use to pleasure both your partner and yourself.

Luckily, we’ve put together this handy list of some fun toys you can try out on yourself or your partner during sex to ensure you both have an amazing time.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a vacuum for men, that can be used to stimulate an erection and enhance foreplay. When you’re next shopping for items to spice up your love life and are considering penis vacuum pumps for men, check out the sex toys from Secrets. They’ve got an extensive selection, so you can find one that suits you and your partner and gives you hours of pleasure. There’s a penis pump to suit everyone, no matter what your style, and you can use them on yourself or your partner, or both of you. So, no one will feel left out, and you can intensify your pleasure easily.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are another great way to stimulate your penis, or your partner’s penis. These small, vibrating rings come in a range of styles, and can pulse or shake consistently at various speeds. As such, you can explore and test them out, and find a technique that is the most pleasurable for each of you. When you’re choosing a cock ring, make sure you go for only 1 size up from what you think you are; too large and it won’t be as pleasurable, too tight and you could hurt yourself. Cock rings are also great for when you’re alone and want some sexual stimulation, so it’s worth keeping some near your bed just in case!

Eternity Rings

Similar to a cock ring, an eternity ring stimulates both your penis and your balls. It’s shaped like a figure 8, and can be used to stimulate both sexual organs simultaneously. As such, it’s a great way to elicit extra pleasure and enhance your foreplay. Like cock rings, eternity rings also come in a selection of sizes, and can also be made to vibrate if you buy the right product. Take the time to explore the eternity rings on offer and find some that will be a great addition to your personal stash of sex toys.

Nipple Clamps

The nipples often get overlooked in gay sex, but they can be a great asset for inducing further pleasure and stimulating both you and your partner. Using nipple clamps can be a great way to interact with them and shake things up, particularly if your sex life with your regular partner has become a bit predictable. Nipple clamps come in a wide range of styles and types, ranging from traditional clamps to vibrating ones to heighten your sensory pleasure. Explore the range of nipple clamps on offer and find ones that meet your requirements and bring you pleasure.

Choosing sex toys for your next sexual encounter is almost as fun as actually using them, so make the most of the experience. Use this list to get some inspiration and start searching for the perfect sex toys to enhance your bedroom experience.



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