Want To Take A Thirst Trap Worthy Of Sharing? Here’s How!

Gaydar Blog

Gaydar Blog
21 May 2024

There’s no better way to keep that self-confidence boost going than with a thirsty photo shoot if you’re feeling yourself. And thirst traps really are the gift that keeps on giving. They’re perfect for sending to your SO, posting on the ‘gram, sharing on your Gaydar profile, or just to keep for yourself.

But taking one that slays isn’t as easy as it first seems. And if you’ve tried, you’ll understand the pain of getting the perfect snap to share. Sometimes, no matter how many impossible positions you put yourself into, a great thirst trap eludes you.

It’s important to know that you are perfect as you are. But a few pointers on how to take a better picture can’t hurt!

First, What Is A Thirst Trap?

If you’ve been living under a rock and the term thirst trap leaves you scratching your head, we’ll start with a definition. A thirst trap is a sexy photo posted on socials to pull some attention towards you. You don’t have to post them on socials for your hot snap to class as a thirst trap. Sending one to an SO or on your dating profile is just as valid. And because you’re generally not wearing a tonne of clothes during the photoshoot, they’re a great way to get the message out that you’re horny.

Your thirst trap’s goal is to get someone, anyone’s attention. Posting on Instagram might see some followers sliding into your DM’s to casually see how you’re doing. If that happens, the thirst trap works. But getting the perfect sexy snap is an art. You don’t want to take the usual, boring pictures. You want to aim for something artsy. Something provocative, but not too thirsty. Because no one wants to come off desperate.

How To Take The Perfect Artsy Thirst Trap

Your expertly taken, artsy thirst trap will keep people coming back for more. Here are 6 tips to help you nail your next photoshoot.

1. Nail Down The Lighting

Light and shows are your friends when taking a quality thirst trap. For a dramatic look, take your pic on a sunny day. If you want something moodier, get your camera out in the early morning.

Natural lighting will always help to create the most dramatic snaps. But ring lights come in handy when natural lighting is hard to find. Namely, the depths of winter months. Play around where the light comes from to get shots with contrast and depth. Accentuate your best features by highlighting them, literally. And hide those bits you don’t like by keeping them in the dark.

2. Prop Night

Take your thirst trap game up a notch by introducing props. Sexy lingerie, underwear, or posing in your birthday suits are some simple props that you’re likely to already have on hand. So get creative this festive season with some ribbon to make yourself look like a gift this Christmas.

But the possibilities with props don’t end there. Strategically placed fruit will make your picture fun and relaxed. Maybe you want to take advantage of your post-shower glow with a strategically placed towel. And you can even go down the classic prop route with a lollipop. Yes, it can be overdone. But it’s used for a reason. It works for thirst traps.

3. Location, Location, Location

The biggest mood killer for your thirst trap is random junk or unwashed clothes clogging up the background. So make an effort to clean up a bit before you take your shots.

Classic locations like the bedroom or bathroom always work. And they’re suggestive enough to ramp up the sexiness of your photos. Or you can take your camera on the road and take more artistic thirst traps in remote locations. Finally, get the adrenaline pumping with some shots in public places. These are great for anyone who wants to get their adventurous side across.

4. Angles Are Your New Best Friends

Standing still isn’t artsy. You’re more likely to look like a robot if you take a standing shot from head-on. Instead, loosen up a bit and get your body moving. Take some inspiration from the art greats like Michelangelo and recreate the curves and angles seen in sculpture. Creating an s-shape with your body accentuates your curves and looks more relaxed.

Mix it up by shooting from below or odd angles to entice viewers. Interesting angles can take a minute to figure out, making viewers take longer working out your photo. And using angles to your advantage can enhance your looks. Because we all have a good side.

5. Don’t Forget About The Mirror

Mirror shots can be overdone. But they’re overdone for a reason. They create an ethereal, romantic atmosphere for your image. Perfect for sending to your other half or that casual hook-up you’d like to see again.

The great thing about mirrors is that you get a preview of what the shot will look like. That’ll help you nail down the perfect pose. Zoom in for something a little different. Or incorporate props to ramp up the fun factor.

6. Get Explicit (For Some People)

Some of the best thirst traps are ones when you’re butt naked. Explicit photos are an excellent treat for your loved one. Or, if you’re still on the hunt for an SO, use explicit shots on your dating profile to give a sexy preview for potential dates.

But make sure you’re happy with where you’re putting these types of thirst traps. Sharing online means your snaps will be there forever. So take a minute before posting to make sure you’re really happy with anyone seeing your sexy pictures.

Wrapping Up

Taking a simple thirst trap is easy. But if you want to take it to the next level, these tips will make your shots share-worthy! Use thirst traps to boost your confidence and reel in a bit of attention. Because we could all do with a bit of an ego massage sometimes.

If you have a crisis of confidence, you might end up deleting great thirst traps. While learning how to recover deleted photos on mac will be your new favourite blog post, try to hold off deleting first. A picture you hate one day could be a great little self-esteem boost the next. Because thirst traps aren’t just for other people, they’re for you too.



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