Why You Should Always Write A Bio For Your Gaydar Profile

Completing your Gaydar profile is more than just typing words on a screen. Here are just a few reasons why if you aren’t making the most of the valuable profile real-estate, you should be!

Although exactly what you write is more of an art than a science, our research shows that filling in your bio will provide multiple benefits…

It’s A Chance To Get People Interested In You

Your Gaydar bio is all about selling yourself. Some people think of them as a personal ‘dating‘ CV – detailing your finer points and greatest achievements. Whether you want to share the interesting places you’ve traveled to, or whether you just want to list your hobbies, your bio is a chance to draw people in and get them invested.

We’ve written before about why it’s best to write positively and keep it succinct – every word should fight to be in your bio (just like a CV). That’ll keep people entertained while reading and hold their attention.


It Lets You Expand On Your Hobbies And Interests

While your Gaydar profile let’s you tick your hobbies and interests, there are limits to the options you can select. Your bio is a great place to either build on the hobbies and interests listed – or put down a few that are completely out of the box. If you like base jumping or stamp collecting then let the world know.


It Shows You As A Well Rounded Person

If you’re looking to show more than just a profile picture and a name (which we highly recommend), then filling out your profile will show you as a well-rounded, multifaceted person.

We’re not just usernames on a screen, we’re complex individuals with emotions, desires and aspirations. That might sound a bit over the top, but presenting yourself well will help potential suitors get a better idea of whether they’d like to chat or meet up.


It’ll Give Guys Things To Ask You About

As above, if you’ve retold the story of backpacking across Asia or how you’ve got an award-winning collection of garden gnomes, filling in your bio will give prospective conversationalists fuel to kick start the conversation. “Hey, I really enjoy Game of Thrones too!” or “Hi, how’re you? I’d love to know more about your experience of meeting the Queen”. Whatever you’ve written, it’ll give them more to go on than a blank screen.


You’ll Get better Results In Your Inbox

Our research has shown that people who fill in their Gaydar bio’s receive more messages. Not only that, the messages on average have more substance. If you’re bored of “Hey, how’s you?” or “Hi. How’s it going?” then consider giving people more to play with. Give them something to work with and your inbox will be reaping the benefits.


It Shows You're Putting Effort In

If you’ve taken the time to articulate your interests, who you are as a person and what you’re looking for, it’ll show that you’re serious about your Gaydar profile and really do want to meet someone who is suited to you.

People respect well-thought-out ‘About Me‘ sections and the effort it takes to carefully craft your words into the most appealing presentation of yourself. So take a few moments and jot down some ideas.


It Let's You Put Your Best Foot Forward

As it’s your own bio, you’re in complete control. If you don’t want to tell people that you snore or that you have an almost unhealthy obsession with chicken nuggets – you don’t have to (yet). Maybe save that for future dates. Your Gaydar profile is a great place to sell your best assets, just like you would in a CV. See, it’s all come full-circle.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign in to Gaydar and complete your profile now 😀!

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