Why It's Important To Complete Your Gaydar Profile

We’ve said it in many of our previous posts. When you think of your dating profile, think of it as your dating CV.

Your dating CV should be as full as you can make it; bursting with photos and words that describe you. Oh, and NEVER leave off your hobbies and interests. Why? That’s where other guys who are looking at your profile usually look for and find common ground.

Your Gaydar profile is the first thing a potential date is going to see. So make sure it ‘pops’ and says all the right things!



The first question is, do you have one?  The second question is, how much thought (if you do have one) did you put into choosing what it was?  This is the first piece of text that appears on your profile!  Use it wisely guys… You want to use it to grab someones attention.  Make it punchy and make it catchy!



Your bio is your introductory statement about you. This is where you get the set the tone of your profile. You’re free to write what you like.  Although we suggest no rude words. But this is where you can really let your personality shine through your writing. If you’re generally a funny person, why not be a little humorous? If you have a huge love for animals – mention it here. If you’re on Gaydar to meet guys, go on dates and hopefully see where things could lead, now’s your chance to say it! Don’t be shy.


Profile Photo

Out of all the photos that appear on your profile, your Profile Photo is king.  It’s by far the most important as it’s the first image that’s seen by others.  Make sure your photo is as clear and up to date as possible.  Take a look at our Profile Photo tips for some handy pointers!


Public Gallery

Make full use of your public gallery. You’ve heard the saying ‘an image can say a thousand words’? Like your profile bio, your photos can tell someone A LOT about you. If you like to travel, put some holiday snaps up.  If you’re a dog lover, make sure he/she’s in a photo with you. In your public gallery, variety is key. This is where it’s good to have other people in the photo with you – as long as you can be easily identified of course. This helps show whoever’s looking at your profile that you’re good in social situations.


Hobbies and interests

Let other people know what they are! Just click/tap on the options given, and if something’s not there, write it in your bio.

By taking the time to complete your profile to it’s full potential, you give yourself the best opportunity of getting noticed. Yes, it might be your profile photo that first attracts someone’s attention, but once they are past the photo, a full profile is the first point where they can begin to get to know about you.

You’re essentially giving other members the opportunity to learn about you. And why is this good? It gives someone that chance to look for commonalities. Likes, hobbies, interests that you both may share.

Guys are on Gaydar to meet other guys and get to know about them.  The more information you share, the more they can learn about you.


Sign in to your Gaydar profile today.  Check your messages sure, but also check to see that your profile's complete.

You can access your Gaydar profile on our site (that fits desktop, tablet and mobile), on the iOS app or on our Android app.  If you don't have a profile with us, create your free one today!