What Type Of Photos Should I Upload To My Public Gallery?

If you’ve not seen our top tips for selecting of taking a good profile photoread our blog post here.  Once you’ve mastered that, you’ve next got to fill your ‘public gallery‘ with photos.  Remember, profiles that are full of both information and photos on Gaydar get the most attention. So when uploading photos to your public gallery, try and upload a good variety.

What photos work well in your Public Gallery?

Photos That Show You Being Active / Doing Something That You Love

This is where other guys can potentially identify if you share similar interests, hobbies, food…  Remember, online dating is all about establishing that ‘connection‘, so guys are going to want to find out if you have things in common.  It makes for good conversation!

Show Yourself With Family Or Friends

It’s always good to ask for permission first from those in the photo with you, but rather than posting a lone selfie – show yourself looking happy, natural and relaxed with other people. This is great way to show that you are capable of having happy and healthy relationships with others.

Special occasions and celebrations are perfect settings for these types of photos!


Get Your Pet Involved

Who doesn’t love a guy who’s good with animals? There’s a certain vibe that you get from them. They are responsive yet relaxed, placid yet protective and caring but playful at the same time.


A Full Length Shot

As well as the photos where we get up, close and personal with our head and shoulders, it’s also good to show a full length shot. This is great if you want to give other guys and indication of you dress style, your build or your height. Take note – you don’t always need to stand for a full length shot!


Get Arty

Why not find a spot in your village/town/city that screams culture!

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