What To Send In Your First Online Message

Answer: You'll find it on his profile!

Here are our 4 top tips for creating a great first online opening message.

Find Common Ground/Shared Likes/Interests/Hobbies And Start A Conversation About Them

The best way to start a conversation is to ask a question.

You've just spent the last five minutes reading his profile and learning about him. So now is the time to get to know him a bit better. And the only way you are going to do that is through asking questions.

If you have a love for rugby and have read that he does too, let him know. Why not ask if he supports and team and if he does, which one is it?  Doe's he like going to the rugby?  Maybe if it's rugby season, and the conversation is goes really well, you could suggest going to watch a local mate later down the line.  See where the conversation takes you.

Try To Avoid One Word To One Line Messages

Examples include 'Hi, hey, sup, hello, how's you?, looking good...'

Why do we suggest this? To say a simple 'Hi' doesn't take much effort and it shows. Your first message should have more depth to it. As we mentioned in point 1 above, find common ground. If he see's that you have taken the time to write at least a few sentences that he can relate to, he's:

A) More likely to reply
B) Can see that you that you have taken the time to get to know a bit about him and that you are interested in HIM and not just his photo.

What if his profile doesn't have that much information on it about hobbies, interests etc?! Have a look at his photos. Is there anything in them that you can highlight? A location? A brand of clothing? Food? Basically, get your magnify glass out Sherlock!  Find something that you can somehow relate to or just ask a question about.

If You Want To Open With A Compliment, Think Beyond Looks

Everyone loves a compliment. But if you really want to get his attention, why not compliment him on something deeper than what he looks like. Perhaps you really like the way he writes? The fun and good humour he uses in his wording. Perhaps he's doing something really clever or admirable in his photo that you can pick up on.

Re-Read What You Write

If you've crafted an amazing message that shows you've spent time to get to know him though his profile (as much as you can of course), that last thing you want to include is a spelling error!

Remember when typing on phones and tablets guys, predictatext can often be your best friend, but on that odd occasion, can be the friend you wish you never had.  Always read back what you are about to send.

Happy messaging guys!!