Five Steps To Creating A Great Online Dating Profile


Your profile photo is the window to your profile.  It's what attracts others to click/tap to explore your profile further...   Allow your profile photo to be totally focused on you.  It's all about you!  Select a photo that shows you at your best, whether that's doing something you love, relaxing, on holiday... Why not get a friend to help choose?  

A second opinion is always good!Did you know that dating profile photos that show clear head shots get the most attention? That's why we recommend to our members that their Profile Photo is a head shot (face/shoulders/torso).  Don't be afraid to make your face the star of the show. After all, it's what we all see and talk to.

Use your Public Gallery to its full extent. Show a variety of different images that really give whoever's viewing your profile a well rounded impression of you.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete

Really put thought into what you say about yourself and don't forget to list your hobbies and interests.  Remember, you are more than just a photo!   See why it's important to complete your profile.

Leave The Heavy Stuff Off

Like political/philosophical topics...  Keep things light and fun to begin with.  The deeper conversations can come when you meet up for the date!  Well, maybe save that for date three or four if it's really heavy.


As we mentioned above, list yours.  This is where guys who look at your profile start to find common ground with you.

Update It Regularly

This point is massively overlooked!  We all change as time moves forward.  We change in looks, attitudes, beliefs, potentially location... We recommend you take a look at your profile every three months.  Just for the once over of course!