Choosing The Right Online Dating Profile Photo

What makes a good profile profile photo?

Choosing the right photos to show on your profile is so SO important, especially when it comes to selecting your profile photo. This is the first thing that other members will see and it’s what’s going to catch their attention.

It might sound obvious and a bit daft to say, but your profile photo should be, well… of you! This is your dating profile, so you need to be the star of the show.   We know that images of sunsets, beautiful scenic settings, cars etc can all be very pleasing on the eye, but would this encourage you to ‘click’ or ‘tap’ to find out more about that person?

Here at Gaydar HQ, we’ve been looking at the types of photos that get the most attention when uploaded to your profile.  From our behind the scenes research, we’ve formulated six pretty solid points that we believe will help your profile photo stand out from the crowd.


Show Your Face

Profiles that have a face photo as the primary photo get on average five times more attention from other members.  A quality face photo is everything as it shows other guys the real you.  If you can, try avoid wearing sunglasses.  It’s the eyes that make the connection.  Even when looking at a photo.

Remember, your face is one of the most attractive things about you. It’s the one thing that can show all kinds expression AND it’s what will be doing the talking when you decide to meet up for a date. So don’t hide it.


Smiling is a great way to show the softer, happy, confident guy in you that others love to see.


Select A Recent Photo

Could you imagine the surprise when you turn up to a date only to find that the guy is ten years older than his profile photo? Majority of you wouldn’t be impressed right? And we guess he wouldn’t either if put in the same position.

Don’t create a version of yourself that isn’t real – even if it once was, that was then and this is now. You may think you were better looking back then, but actually – you’re more ‘his’ type right now. Be honest and be true. It will work in your favour in the long term.


Use Natural Light

If you’re going to take a new photo, then we can’t stress this point enough.  Harness the power of our sun!  Even if it is behind clouds.  You can be outside or in. You’ll get a much softer effect in terms of light on your skin.  Plus, there are certain times of the day when you can capture some amazing shots.  The Golden hour is one of them.


Just Let It Be You

Your profile photo should feature only you. Yes, it’s good to have photos with other people to show you’re social, but these photos belong in your public gallery.


Select or take a photo where or when you feel your happiest or healthiest. It sounds a tad cheesy, but when you feel good on the inside, it really does show on the outside. So perhaps when you’re on holiday or have just come back relaxed with that sun kissed look!


Now you know the secret, why not upload a fresh photo to your profille?

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