Three Tips For Staying Safe When You Meet Your Online Date

So, you’ve met someone on the app or website and now it’s time to meet him for your first date/coffee… Whatever you want to call it.  But before you do, we have some tips below for you.

Always Meet In A Public Place

Whilst it’s very tempting to want to meet with someone in a private or more secluded area, if you’re shy and feel like more privacy equals more romance, it’s never wise. Until you know the person well, always choose a public area whether it’s a coffee shop, restaurant or even somewhere outdoors like a park.  A busy park.


Always Make Sure Somebody Knows Where You Are

Whether it’s a friend, family member or even your dear old mum; having somebody know exactly where you are is always a good idea. If not just for safety reasons, it’s always good to have somebody who can call you and give you a ‘get out now’ excuse if the date is going badly.


Spot The 'Red Flags' On Your Date

One of the biggest mistakes that we have come across in online/on-app communications is thinking a relationship that is created from over-sharing is the real deal. But remember, this person could be totally different in person.  Trust your gut.  Is your date way too eager too soon?  Is he a little to interested in friends you’ve mentioned or your personal finances?  Or does he simply just make you feel uncomfortable?  If the answer to any of the above questions are ‘yes’, you’ve hit a red flag.