Four More Steps To Creating a Great Online Dating Profile

Creating a great profile is more of an art than a science - but there are some easy ingredients you can add to spice up your profile in all the right ways. Whatever your story or however you want to present yourself, these four tips could set you up to find your Mr. Right or even your next best friend. So here goes...


While tastes vary around the world, taking a light-hearted approach to your profile is bound to pay off. We're not talking about cracking jokes left, right and centre - but keeping things fun and friendly is a great way to show off your personality and open your profile up to conversation. That said, there is a fine line between humour and sarcasm... but maybe you're into that?



Yes we've mentioned this in a previous post, but we've got a bit more to say on the matter...  Complete your profile to the best of your ability and consider adding a pictures to tell your story visually. You could include pictures of you doing a hobby, in your favourite hang out spot or wearing your favourite outfit. Bonus points if your picture is bright and high quality!



Remember earlier when we said your profile should be written like a CV with good spelling and grammar? That point works to an extent - but remember you don't need to list your full career history and life highlights! Give people a flavour of what you're about and if past experiences play into it then great, just make sure you don't cross the border into boasting! As long as people can reference these things and start a conversation you're all good. Did you once fly a plane? Cool! have you been backpacking across Asia? Amazing! Do you have a seven-figure bank account and own multiple cars? That might work for some but not all.



There's a lot of doom and gloom in the world already - your profile might not be the right place to spread it. Think about why people might be using Gaydar and try to match that tone. No this, no that, no the other - does that set an inviting, positive tone for people to reach out to you? Instead of cutting people off and listing everything you dislike, why not steer your interests with "I prefer older guys" or "I like people who look after themselves and work out". There are multiple ways to say everything!


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