How Profile Photos Can Help You Meet More Guys

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Gaydar Blog
10 November 2017

Not getting as much attention on your dating profile as you’d like?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and Saskia Nelson – Founder of Dating Photograph experts ‘Hey Saturday‘ is here to help …

A clear shift is happening across dating sites and apps.  People want to see better photos of their matches.  Blurry holiday snaps and badly-lit selfies will no longer cut it on your dating profile. In fact, many people now skip straight over profiles which don’t contain good images.


Your online dating profile is your advert to attract attention and in marketing, the image is everything. Strong images attract the eye and they also help create a stronger emotional connection much more quickly than text or audio. Photos matter. A lot.

The best photos to use for your dating profile are ones that make you look good, help you stand out from the crowd and help tell your story. As someone who kick-started the dating photography genre, I want to share my top tips for transforming your dating profile photos from blah to kick-ass.

For photos that make you look good

Make the effort to look good in your photos, as you would for a hot, first date or if you thought you were going to run into that ex, the one you secretly want to win back. People are scrolling and swiping through photos so quickly, you get one chance to impress and intrigue them. Make it count.

For photos that tell your story

While showing people what you look like is obviously an important factor in your photos, it’s also worth realising that there is more going on here. When they look at your photos, they aren’t just finding out what you look like, they’re figuring out, often subconsciously, who you are as a person and what kind of life you lead, using whatever is in the photos as clues to work out more about you. When you get together with someone, you’re basically merging lifestyles with them so they need to know that your lives are going to mesh well together.

How can you let them know what kind of person you are? An easy way of approaching this is by figuring out what you’re into, where you like to hang out, what you like to do, what you like to wear, what makes you uniquely you etc. Then choose outfits that you love, go somewhere you love, hold something you love or do something you love in your photos. This way, you’re guaranteed to be looking happy and relaxed in your shots and whatever is going on in the photo will give people clues as to who you are and what you’re about. By using photos that align more with your vibe, you’ll start attracting people who are a better fit for what you’re looking for.

For photos that help you stand out

Dating profiles are most meaningful when they help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons and yet most dating profiles and accompanying photos are cookie-cutter versions of each other.

How can you make sure your photos will attract lots of attention?

  1. Use good quality images

We live in a visual world and, more and more, people crave a better experience online. The most successful marketing campaigns use strong, good quality images. Treat your dating profile in the same way and you’ll notice a big uplift in attention on your profile.

2) Embrace colour

The use of bold colours is a really easy way to make your photos jump off the page. Red is a particularly good colour for attracting guys. If you’re not into wearing much colour, include some colourful backgrounds instead.

3) Be the main focus of the shot

The most popular dating profile photos just have one person in the shot and that person is the most interesting thing in the shot. Avoid using photos with other people as this does put people off. Keep things simple and stick with a photo of just you. A very good one. And watch the dates roll in.

All photos taken by Hey Saturday.


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