7 Important New Years Resolutions for a Happier 2018

Rob Curtis

Rob Curtis
31 December 2017

I’ve never had any serious new years resolutions (I don’t think “Be more fun” really counts, do you?).  I’ve always felt that when I wanted to make a difference in my life I would just do it. But I would love to take the chance to spread some joy and happiness in 2018.  So here’s my list of new years resolutions that you can follow any day of the year.

1. Be grateful for what you’ve got

Grateful people are happy people. Fact!

Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

The world is not perfect – we have a long way to go toward ending inequality, loneliness, fighting climate change, figuring out WTF to do about Trump or Brexit etc.  But instead of complaining, spend a few minutes every morning reflecting on all the good stuff. Friends, family, health, shirtless guys on Instagram, Nintendo and a sneaky extra dessert.

2. Be a giver, not just a taker

Chances are you’ve got a few extra hours or pennies to spare each week that could go toward making the world a better place. We all started at the bottom of the ladder of life, use your influence to support those on their way up.

So, find a charity that you believe in, offer to mentor a younger person and give them the advice you wish you’d received when at their stage in life.

This year at Gaydar I’ll be giving every member of the team one day off to give something back to our community.

3. Be an amazing ally to the rest of your community

There’s a reason it’s called the LGBTQ+ community. In 2018, why not care about issues that face everyone under the LGBT+ banner and not just the issues that affect white gay men with money. Don’t forget that the progress we’ve made, we’ve made as a community of lesbians, trans people, queer people, people of colour, allies as well as gay men.

Just because you’ve got what you need, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some time to stand up for your brothers and sisters who don’t have it as lucky as you do.  It’s not hard – don’t be racist, recognise and support your trans allies, be a feminist.  At the very least, don’t be a dick to other LGBTQ+ people.

4. Compliment your friends on more than what they look like

This one’s simple – recognise your friends for all of the great things that they do and for the wonderful people they are.  In case you can’t think of any good ideas, here are a few to get you started.

– You’re an awesome friend.

– You should be proud of yourself.

– You’re a smart cookie.

– You have impeccable manners.

– You have the best laugh.

– Your smile is contagious.

– I appreciate you.

– You’re strong.

– Your perspective is refreshing.

– You have a great sense of humour.

5. Do more of the things that make you happy

A dear friend once gave me her philosophy about happiness. It was simple advice but really helpful.

“Find what you enjoy doing, and do more of that”

So, in 2018 do more of what makes you happy. Go play more sport, enjoy video games, listen to your favourite music (Mariah obvs), take a friend and go driving in the countryside. Take your passion and make it happen.

6. Remember that everyone feels lonely sometimes

Not everyone has a house full of people, a family they’re close to or a partner to cuddle up to at night. Even those of us lucky enough to have a great logical family and some really close friends can feel lonely sometimes.

Don’t be ashamed, pick up the phone and text a friend, chat with someone online or just take a few moments to enjoy some solitude.

In 2017 we started Gaydar Meets to get people interacting in real life.  Our first one in London was amazing!   If you find it hard to meet people, sign up to the Gaydar Meets page on Facebook and we’ll let you know when we’re organising a meet-up in your area.

7.  The simplest one of all – just be kind to each other, ok?

Enough said!

Happy new year from the Gaydar Team!

So there’s my every day New Years resolutions.  Together let’s make 2018 the happiest year yet by spreading love and good vibes all around the world. Finally,  a big happy new year to everyone on behalf of the Gaydar team.

Big love.


Rob Curtis

Rob Curtis

Rob is Gaydar’s Managing Director. Rob is a keen advocate of LGBT issues and has appeared on the BBC, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Instinct and O Globo (Brazil) tackling HIV stigma. Rob spent his career in consultancy and finance until October when he was hired as the new MD to define and implement Gaydar’s new vision to connect people from all spectrums of the LGBT+ community, online and offline.


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  1. Sean O'Callahan says:

    Hi, Rob. I am not a New Year resolution kind of guy, but this year I thought I would try making a daily ‘Not To Do List’ and so far it’s working. Some are simple like, I won’t have 5 cups of coffee today – unfortunately, I had 6! Did better the following day. Or a bit more personal, – I won’t chicken out again on asking T**** out for a date’. Maybe it’s my personality but I seem to respond better to this than a, ‘I will do’ plan. Good luck with your resolutions. 🙂 Sean from http://www.gaytodo.com


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