New Gaydar messaging goes live


Oliver Vivary
21 October 2018

Since taking over the technical management of Gaydar we have been looking at the priorities of what needed to be improved on the site. Very quickly we realised that the messaging (person to person chat) was operating far below what should be expected and needed to be replaced urgently.

We have therefore launched today a new version of messaging that has been purpose built for Gaydar.

The new messaging system will offer a faster and more reliable service to our users.

The replacement of a messaging is a complicated procedure, it needs to be launched over three platforms at the same time (website, iOS App and Android) and we need to migrate and import all of your historic chats. Some of you may see that you have some chat messages missing. We are sorry that the import of these messages has not completed but these chats will reappear in the next few days. We wanted to let you know a few things about the process to help you if you are having issues:

1. If you are having problems on the apps please make sure you are using the latest version of the app. Older versions will no longer work for messaging.
2. Some functionality will become available in the few days after the launch, this may include sending pictures and locations. Please bare with us, it will be there.
3. Users may need to refresh their screen using CTRL+F5 on Windows, or CMD+R on Mac.

As this is a messaging platform we have much more control over, we are able to import your historic chat records (pre April 2017).  You will be able to see these over a period of time. Many of you have told us that you wanted to have these back.

If you are experiencing any issues with the messaging please let us know, any bugs will be sorted quickly.

Now that we have much more control over the messaging system we will be adding new functionality over the future months.



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