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Gaydar Blog
09 November 2017

Gaydar has been responsible for thousands of stories over the years. From mates and dates to soulmates.

Now and then, some of our members like to get in contact to let us know how their relationship (that started on Gaydar) is going.

‘I started chatting to a really nice guy back in 2004. Yes -13 years ago. We spoke most weeks, sometimes more than twice a week but never got the chance to meet up.

About a year later, my friends had let me down on a Friday night so I went online, found him and chatted to him again. We decided we had known each other for a year now and now was a good time to meet.  So that night, we did! And we had so much to talk about and lots in common.

As the conversation flowed, for some reason we realised we both had pretty sh***y friends (because we both had been let down by them that night) and fast forward 13 years, we’ve been together ever since.  We own a home together & a dog – it’s the best thing that has happened to us – thanks gaydar ‘

If you have Gaydar story that you’d like to feature on our blog, feel free to drop us an email at marketing@cpcconnect.co.uk


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