This Week’s Top 10 #InstaGays

Gaydar Instagram Insider

Gaydar Instagram Insider
13 November 2017

Every week we’ll trawl through the depths of Instagram looking for guys. I know, it’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it. Welcome to issue one of our top ten #InstaGays this week. Take a look at our favourite photos.

Our first choice is none other than @mrmattlister. What’s not to love about those fuzzy abs? You may remember @mrmattlister from the recent Rowse Honey Three Bears series. You know, the one with the three bears that all live together, eating porridge and definitely not getting up to anything else…

The three bears were a little too clothed if you ask me… ????? ? @charlesmoriarty

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Next on our list of #InstaGays is @jamesbesanvalle. I stumbled across this stylish gent earlier today – totally not biased but I love a good denim garment. And that jawline is to die for! Take a look at this handsome gent.

Who doesn’t love a bendy man? That’s why @finlay0901 makes our top 10 this week! Because if there’s one thing I want in a man, it’s flexibility. Not only that, @finlay0901 comes with a cute dog too!

Showing off his cheeky side, next on this week’s list is @christophertallen. I mean this is just the perfect photo, isn’t it? Gorgeous, picturesque view… and a lovely landscape too.

Coming up next, @diegozaszas. This handsome guy knows how to serve a good pout. And you really could just get lost in those eyes… Keep your sat navs handy!

It’s what you can’t see that’s really enticing… @winsta_gram21 just gives a hint of a tease in this lovely photo.

I wanna be your end game ?: @briankaminski

A post shared by Winston Rice (@winsta_gram21) on

Next up, self-titled dad with no kids @mtdubbs374! I love the dad tash, really shows commitment to the look. Not to mention these underwear photos are lovely to look at (bonus shout out to @underwearexpert).

I have a soft spot for red heads, but @mygayworld_stuarthattonjr is something else! Which is to be expected with a Mr Gay World title. My favourite is that the pants match the hair.

Introducing the handsome, @_skiedive_drive. Supposedly it’s been a while since he posted such a photo, and I fully support the decision to post it. If anything, I would encourage more!

I have not been a thot on "The Gram" in a while so… #tummytuesday

A post shared by Jupiter Bleu (@_skiedive_drive) on

I’ve chosen @thetravellinggays today to end our list. Why? Because I’m a hopeless romantic, and this photo made me say “awww” out loud. I mean look how cute…

Kisses and blue skies ????

A post shared by Doug & Sanj (@thetravellinggays) on


That’s the end our our list for this week! Come back next week and we’ll have a new set of photos from our Top 10 #InstaGays!

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Gaydar Instagram Insider

Gaydar Instagram Insider

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