Image Policy Changes


Oliver Vivary
09 November 2018

In the process of changing the chat system on Gaydar we have noticed some issues with regard to the picture policy.

As you may know currently we only accept pictures of the profile owner and some pictures are classed as private and can only be used in messages.

This has resulted in pictures sent in messages privately possibly being deleted after they have been sent. Personally we have no issue if you want to send a picture of your dog, the view out of your window etc in you messages to other users, and so with immediate effect we have relaxed the policy so that some pictures that would have been banned in the past will now be set as private and this would allow them to be used in private messages.

You can see an updated version of our picture policy here:


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  1. Avatar Ross says:

    I think the ‘incognito’ mode for photos is as bad as muslim women wearing full face veils or burkas. Guess what, Gaydar is a social medium, & one can’t be social or sociable without showing your face. And if Gaydar can’t guarantee that photos won’t be copied or stolen, then that’s an issue for Gaydar, not for hiding yourself.


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