Why Harrison Ford is #DaddyGoals

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Gaydar Blog
14 November 2017

You can never beat a classic, right? Some of you younger guys watching Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2049 might not appreciate his sex symbol status. Take a look back and you’ll see why he’s truly #DaddyGoals.

From his first appearance as the roguish, scruffy Han Solo in Star Wars Episode IV way back in 1997 to the silver fox we see in this year’s Blade Runner 2049 – Ford has never given us a dull moment. That cheeky smile, those eyes that can see right in to your soul and that body that he’s not afraid to show off from time to time.

Here’s a whole list of reasons that Harrison Ford is your #DaddyGoals…


‘Who, me?’  Yes, Harrison. You and your sexy, wavy hair.



‘Well, what can I say…?’  Don’t say anything… Just keep doing what you’re doing.



Who could resist that smile? They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

harrison ford star-was-sexy


Oh, Harrsion, you know EXACTLY what you’re doing. And we love it.



How could we resist that goofy grin and puppy dog eyes?



‘Oh, sorry I didn’t see you there… Don’t mind me, I’m just changing.’  Oh, we won’t, you just carry on…



Even when you do this weird face, we still can’t resist your charms.



And if anyone were to ever ask us if Ryan Gosling made a better Blade Runner? Well, we could only have one answer…



Though you may have grown out of those boyish good lucks, you’ve become the silver fox we all want. We’re sure that puts a big smile on your face…


Want to see more of Harrison and that sexy smile? You’ve got plenty of films to choose from! Right now you can head to cinemas to give Blade Runner 2049 a watch. Not to mention the ENTIRE Star Wars series (except those first three, but we won’t bring those up).

But if you really want to see the sexier side of Harrison, I’d go for Indiana Jones. It’s supposed to be family friendly, but we know what you’re really watching it for.

Who’s your favourite Hollywood Hunk of the past, present or future (maybe he’s got potential)? Samuel’s a big film fan and would LOVE to hear who you’d like to see more of, get in touch!



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