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22 December 2017

GaydarRadio returns! We’ve got more music to get your weekends started. This week we’re being taken over by DJ Zach Burns.


How did Zach Burns arrive on the DJ scene? How did you make a name for yourself?

Summer 2010 is when it all started, first gigs included a DJ competition at Popcorn, Heaven which I later became a resident at and Room Service, Soho. My regular spot however was the late bar/ club Profile & Lo-Profile with the help of Paul Beardshaw & Raphael Goes who kindly gave me the chance to play and become part of the team, those were great times!

What is a typical weekend like for Zach Burns?

“No sleep, cab, club, another club, another club…”, weekends usually revolve around Soho Bars I may be playing at (Comptons, Rupert Street or Village) and then towards Vauxhall for A:M or Beyond. Occasional trips out of town to Brighton, Southampton or Manchester.  No weekend is the same but I always look forward to what’s coming up and the long sleep at the end of it all (finally).

What style of music do you think is most popular in gay clubs at the moment? How do you stand out from that crowd?

House has always been at the core of the gay club scene, whether it’s pop remixes, circuit or your underground deep & tech. It really depends on what area of London you venture to.  My sets vary depending on where I’m playing.  I have my signature sound which I’d say is a lot of tribal elements and percussion so whether I’m playing an uplifting circuit set or afterhours tech set, you’ll always hear a tribal beat in there.  I love vocal house and disco too.  Throw it all in and have fun. Depending where I’m playing, people know what set they’re in for, but I’m never predictable.

Before you achieved your fame, who was your DJ Idol?

On discovering the scene and the music coming from it, Steve Pitron was very influential. Hearing him play at Wild Fruit, Brighton Pride 2009, to then playing alongside him at Lo Profile over the years and still today, our B2Bs at Beyond have been pretty epic, especially the last one for Beyond’s 15th birthday, always a pleasure to see and play alongside Steve.

Bit cheeky but… What music would you listen to with company… With the lights out?

Deep Tech House at a slow tempo with minimal words has a sexy beat to it, perfect for those late night moments.

Where will we find Zach Burns over New Years?

BEYOND INFINITY!! I’ve been working a lot more recently with the Beyond team so am proud to be seeing in the New Year with a bang. We have a 12 hour marathon planned with a great line up to cater to all.  I’ll be doing a set amongst it all so expect the anthems, classics, future releases and more.  Can’t wait!

Lets wrap up with a few quick questions. Which track can you absolutely not miss from any DJ set?

I’m hammering the hell out of Sagi Kariv – Your First Time. I absolutely love it! It’s so powerful and works the dancefloors amazingly, a staple favourite in my collection forever.

Which track will you be starting off your next set with?

My next set will be at Village Soho so something fun and funky.  I like my sassy divas, and have this track by Greg Gelis – Let Me Tell You (Handzoff & Emanuele Esposito Remix) which is just that!

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