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Gaydar Blog
08 December 2017

GaydarRadio returns! We’ve got more music to get your weekends started – this week we’re being taken over by James John!

Taking over with his Spectrum podcast, bringing the latest and best house music, James John has taken the time to let us know a little more about him. Want to get to know your DJ better?

You’re originally from Plymouth! Did you ever get the opportunity to play in any venues in or around Plymouth?  If so, where could we find you and when?

Yeah, I started DJing at home when I was 16 and got my first gig at C103/The Warehouse a couple of years later after handing out my mixes on CD to local promoters. They were great and landed me residencies and some pretty big warm-up sets for trance names like John O’Callaghan and Signum.

What is a typical weekend like for James John?

Most Saturdays you’ll find me at my nocturnal home in Soho, Circa. I play alongside Adam Turner, Evan Gorgees and Conor Bolton mixing up all things house-y. I can also be found in the backroom at the 2Brewers and on Mondays at Heaven for my favourite weekday party – Popcorn.

What style of music would you say is popular in gay clubs right now? How much does that change between different venues of London?

House is as big as ever! The more commercial, funky and vocal vibes can be found in Soho and Clapham but at places like XXL and Heaven on Mondays you can find deep, future, progressive and things a bit techier. Tech house is massive in London on both the gay and straight scenes, and whilst it’s not really my cup of tea it’s great that the scene is so diverse and has something for everyone.

Back before your fabulous life as a DJ, who was your idol?

In my early clubbing days and before playing house I was massive trance fan. I still have so much respect for Above & Beyond and went to see them a couple weeks ago at the o2. They’re doing so well almost 10 years on, and every set they play feels so special and intimate.

What kind of music would you play with company… THAT kind of company…  With the lights out…?

Maybe my own podcast…? That’s quite sad isn’t it… I think I’ve done that before actually.

Where will James John be over New Years?

Circa Soho of course! I’m playing the 10pm – midnight slot with the big countdown and can’t wait! Then… depending on how much Jager I have, back to a house party until the early hours.

Couple of quick fire questions before we say TTFN. Which track could you absolutely not miss from any DJ set?

Martin Solveig – Places. It takes me back to summer and I can’t think of a set where I haven’t span this. I even got to meet Martin at SW4 over summer and caught this performed live at Creamfields so it’s pretty special to me and gets a great reaction.

Which track gets the honour of starting off your next set?

 That’s a tough one! There’s so many but I’m loving MK – 17 at the moment and it’s a great bouncy tune to start off the night with.

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