W/C 19/06/2017 Members Update

Hi guys

We hope all you've all had a great week!  

We've been continuing to improve your Gaydar experience this week at Gaydar HQ, with a particular focus on three key areas:

Gaydar Group Chat

Gaydar group chat we know is the heart of the site and many of you have contacted us asking if there are any planned developments/changes to come.  Well, the answer is yes! 

As well as improvements being made to increase speed, we are also working on a brand new redesign of Chat. 

We’ll have more information coming your way over the next two weeks so keep an eye on the blog for details.

Photo sizes

We’ve had lots of feedback about the new size guide for Gaydar profile and gallery photos. 

Lots of you are really enjoying the higher resolution quality photos, but we are also aware that some are finding it difficult to find photos that are large enough to fit the space given. 

We want to ensure that when you upload photos, the process is easy as possible for you.  So to improve the current experience, we’re going to reduce the photo size required. 

It’s currently 600 x 800, but it will be reduced to 400 x 650.

Don’t worry, when it goes live, we’ll write a blog post to explain all!

Membership Page Updates

We’re improving the messages we serve to you across the site, but in particular on the membership page. 

The last thing we want to do is confuse you about your membership status, so please keep an eye out for some fresh messaging that we hope will help clear up any confusion you may have.

More updates coming soon!