Hi guys!

We've been busy bees here at Gaydar HQ since our last update and have been working on some design updates to improve and simplify your Gaydar experience. 


Have a read below of what we've done so far and keep an eye on our blog over the next two weeks as we'll have more updates for you.



We've expanded and simplified your search function.  The 'search' that could only be used for text searching before, now when selected (click/tap on the magnify glass next to the Gaydar logo), will allow you to:


- Browse the main grid

- Search through your favourites list (this has been moved from the top bar)

- Search for Commercial Members

- Text Search (search for profile name and in members' 'about me')


Browse + Commercial 

When selecting either of these options, don't forget to use your filters to narrow down your search ('profile created' and 'age' only for commercial) as well as browsing by last active, distance and 'new guys' options.



Your filter tool 'Add Filters' has been moved from left hand side of the screen to the right (on desktop and tablet) and when selected, rather than moving the grid downwards to load your filters, it now displays on a temporary single screen.  If viewing this on a mobile device, this works exactly the same, although 'Add Filters' remains on the right below your 'browse' options.



This is one of Gaydar's most popular search options that was previously located in the filter dropdown menu.  To make it more accessible for you,  we've now given this search option its own space.  It's indicated by a 'pin drop' icon next to 'Add Filters' at the top of the screen and can be used to search for guys by:


- Current Location (where you are at that point in time - so guys who are around you)

- Home Location (the location guys have stated on their profile)

- Enter a location (this is where you can enter any location around the world and search for guys there)


This 'Distance' that you select will determine the radius from the option you have chosen above i.e. if you have selected you want to search your current location with a distance of 1 mile, your search will look for guys within a 1 mile radius of where you are.



We've made Gaydar Chat easier for you to access.  You'll now find the chat link on the top bar, next to messages.