Updating Your Photos On Gaydar

When was the last time you updated your photos on your dating profile? Have you ever updated your photos on your Gaydar profile?

Update Your Photos on Gaydar

It’s good to do a ‘profile review‘ roughly every three months. Read through your profile and update the areas that need it.  Perhaps you’ve got a few new hobbies you want to list?

Updating photos on your Gaydar profile is an important task.  Ensuring your photos are varied, clear and current is key.

– Show a range of photos that show you and things you love including your hobbies and interests
– Ensure you have photos that show you as you are now
– Good quality photos are important. Make sure your photos are sharp, bright and clear

There’s Never Been A Better Times To Take A Look At Your Profile And Upload Some Fresh Images

Why?  For your New Gaydar of course!

On the new Gaydar, your photos will appear bigger. Much bigger! So it may be that some of your current photos are too small for the new site.

If your photos are too small, they unfortunately will not appear.

Below Are A Few Easy Steps To Check Whether Your Images Are Size Ready For The New Gaydar

– Save your images to your computer from your Gaydar profile
– Right click on the image and then click on ‘properties’ (if using a PC)
– Under ‘Details’, look at the ‘Dimensions’ .

All images that are 450 x 600 pixels or larger will fit on the new site

Using A Mac?

– Download/save your images to your computer from your Gaydar profile
– Right click on the image and then click on ‘Get Info’
– Look at the ‘Dimensions’

If your photos are smaller than 450 x 600 pixels, we strongly recommend that you save these to your computer.

If you are going to upload some new photos, why not take a look at our profile photo and public gallery photo top tips!

Whilst we’ve got you, make sure you take a look at our updated Photo Guidelines for the new Gaydar.

Top Tip!

Images that are taken on a smart phone are usually of a high enough quality for the new Gaydar site.

Try not to download photos from your social media pages.   Sites like Facebook tend to compress photos when you upload them.  So they too will be of qulaity that is too low for the new Gaydar.

If you have the original photo that you uploaded to your social page, and it’s 450 x 600 – use that!

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.