The Gaydar Travel Planner

If there’s one thing we all do, it’s travel.

Whether it’s to explore a new place, soak up the sun on a tropical beach, take in the sights of the big city or experience and absorb a culture that’s new to us.

We could be going on holiday, on a work trip, taking some time out, visiting the family, jumping on a coach to the coast, or a plane to another country.

Whatever the reason, life continuously takes us to new places. And at Gaydar, we believe in not only discovering new places, but also the people that are there.

To help you do this, let us introduce you to our updated Travel Planner which you'll find on the new Gaydar site.


What Does It Do?

This is your handy helpful tool that helps you connect and meet guys who are already at the places you plan to visit.


How Does It Work?

It’s really easy.  Like super easy!

– Type in your destination under ‘ADD NEW TRIP’

– Select the dates you'll be arriving and leaving
– Select what you’re looking for whilst you’re there i.e. Dinner dates, Nights out

– Hit save and your ‘travel plan‘ will be saved to your itinerary.

Then What Happens?

As well as your travel plans now appearing on your profile, your profile photo will now appear in the local/nearby grid of the place where you plan to visit two weeks before you arrive. So for example, if you are travelling to Barcelona on 17th February, your profile as well as showing up where you physically are, will also show in Barcelona on the Gaydar grid from 3rd February.

Because you’re now visible in your ‘destination grid‘, you’re a lot easier for the local guys to find.  So you can connect with them before you arrive and hopefully make some plans for when you are there.

Use the Gaydar travel feature on the new Gaydar site now!

Sign in > Menu (next to profile name) > Travel