New Gaydar Chat


If you have signed in to your Gaydar profile recently, you may have noticed there is a brand-new Chat feature.  To access this, head to your 'MESSAGES' and select 'CHAT'

As well as the general look and feel of this new Chat feature, you'll also notice there's A LOT more functionality for you to explore.


My Account - Preferences

By selecting your profile name in the new Chat (top left corner of the screen), you're able to set your current availability; ranging from 'Online' to 'Invisible'.

When selecting 'My Account', you're presented with a list of new settings including: 

- the ability to set up desktop notifications (small pop up boxes that will notify you of a message)

- If you want to be notified when certain words are mentioned in Chat, add them to your 'Highlight words' list

- sound notifications can now be activated when you enter a room and when you get a new message.  You can even have a different sound for each!



A large list of chat rooms have been added for you to test.  

To find a room quickly, you can use the 'Search' feature, or if you want to view the full list of rooms, you can order by 'A-Z' or 'Most Active'.

To enter, simply select your room name and select the 'Enter Room' button towards the bottom of the screen.

To leave a room, hover over the name of a room (if on desktop) that you're in, and select the 'leave icon' (half a red box with a red arrow).  

If on tablet or mobile device, press the name of room for rough one-two seconds (if a menu appears, select 'cancel') and then press the leave room icon.

To hide a room, repeat the above, but instead of selecting the leave room icon, select the 'eye' icon.  This will simply remove the room name from your list of rooms, but you will remain signed in to it for up to two hours.


Guys in the room and room features

To view a list of guys in the room, select the 'two people' icon towards the top right hand corner of the screen.  If a specific profile appears, select 'Back to list' which will take you to the list of guys in the room.

The small 'magnify glass' icon allows you to search for any particular word that has been mentioned in that room.

The '@' icon when selected will show you if anyone has mentioned you within the room as long as they have added n @ in front of your profile name.

When in the rooms, hover over (on desktop) or touch a comment (on tablet or mobile) and a small 'cog' icon will appear.   You will then see a 'smiley face' which will allow you to react to a comment with an emoji. 

Or use the 'pin icon' to pin the message to your list of pinned messages which you'll be able to access in the right hand menu.



When you're in the room, use your keyboard, tablet pad or phone pad to create your messages and select the blue arrow send you message.  If using a keyboard, you can also use your 'enter key' to send messages.  If for any reason you want to deactivate this, you can do it in your 'My Account > Settings'

If you want to talk with emoji’s, you have a whole emoji library at your disposal.  Just select the smiley face and select your emoji!


Private Chats

If you like the look of someone in the group chat rooms, select his profile name with a click or a tap, and to the right you'll notice his profile image appear (if he has one).  If he doesn't have one, a blue space will appear where is photo should be.

Select the 'Private Chat' button to begin chatting one to one.  

The private chat will appear in a list to your left.  If you want to hide any of your private chats, if on desktop, hover over the name of the private chat and select the 'eye' icon.  If you are using chat on your tablet or mobile device, press the private chat name for one - two seconds for the eye icon to appear and then select.

Next steps

This week (w/c 31/07/17) we are hoping to be the final week for testing the new Gaydar Chat. Once we have received  your feedback and we are happy with our testing results, we will push this new Beta Chat to replace the current Chat that you use.