W/C 29/05/17 - Members Update


We hope all you've all had a great week.  

We've been continuing to improve your Gaydar experience this week at Gaydar HQ, with a particular focus on Gaydar Chat. 

Gaydar Group Chat

This is one of your best loved features and it's something we're improving as the days progress.  We know that for many of you, the chat experience is somewhat slow, especially when loading, so this past week and over the coming weeks we're focusing our efforts on increasing the speed of chat to give you an overall better experience.  Although most of the changes will happen behind the scenes, we hope you notice some big improvements next week.

Commercial Area

This will be going on to the site next week. So keep your eyes peeled! As mentioned in our previous posts, the Commercial Area will be accessed by a filter option. When you're in the Commercial Area, you'll be able to arrange Commercial Member Profiles using various filter options including 'distance' - a new filter option coming to the site that allows you to use a slider bar to arrange guys on the grid by how far they are away to you.


Many of you contacted us about your Favourites list and gave us some really insightful feedback on how you thought they should be displayed on site.

We've listened to your suggestions and are happy to let you know about the following changes that will appear next week!

- 'Favourites' as well as being in the top bar will also become a filter option

- When you access your Favourites, rather than seeing a list, you'll see a grid

- Rather than seeing your Favourites randomly, you will be able to use the other filter options to arrange them (by distance/location/online now etc)

We'll let you know when these features go live.

More updates coming soon!