Hi guys!

The team at Gaydar have been busy this past week attending to the various issues that have unfortunately been affecting your Gaydar experience.

We're pleased to report we're well underway with resolving a lot of the glitches our members have reported.  To keep you fully in the loop, we've listed the key fixes below:

  • Scroll bars across the site are fully functional giving a smoother online experience.
  • We found a bug that was preventing members from sending new messages to other members. This has been fixed!
  • VIP membership upgrade pages load swiftly and accurately
  • The site now remembers your filter options when you navigate away from a filtered grid. Before this fix, your entered filter choice would vanish if you moved to another area of the site, for example 'Messages'.

We are still working on this feature, so that it will carry across to all your devices, but for now, your filters will only save on the device where you set them. As always, we recommend using your browser in “normal” mode (not private browsing or incognito browsing) so you can get the best experience of the site!

If you saw our previous members update posted last week (w/c 15th May 2017), you'll remember there were four key areas we were focusing our attention on:

Location Improvements to both the site and app

On the previous Gaydar platform, location was DETERMINED BY CENTERING ON BROAD LOCATION (e.g. North London was centered in Mill Hill) which many members reported as giving them an inconsistent and inaccurate experience across web and mobile web, and created huge challenges to our database.

On the new Gaydar, we’ve greatly improved location accuracy, in line with other sites and apps you probably use on a regular basis such as Google Maps, Facebook, local route planners and travel apps.  Be assured that for your security, your actual physical location is always blurred and not visible to other members.

Commercial Area

The Commercial Area on the new site will be hitting a screen near you at the start of June. You'll be able to access the Commercial Area through an button that will appear on the Filter menu.

Email Verification

Some of you reported that you were unable to verify your email and access our Chat and Message feature.  We're pleased to report that bulk of the problem has been rectified, although some of you may still experience this.  We'll have the problem fully sorted within the next three weeks, however if you do find you're experiencing this problem, please contact our support team.

Filter Improvements

Over the coming weeks, we're adding a Filter to give you more options to choose from, so you can tailor the Gaydar experience to suit your needs! 

Next up, we’ll be introducing a Distance filter, which allows you to change how far or near you want to search for other members. Additionally, we're adding in a 'Favourites' button, so you can view your Favourites in a Grid format.   You can also use other Filters such as “Online only” so you can see which of your Favourites are currently online!

We’re still working on further improvements to the Filter so keep an eye out for updates!

We’ll have more updates for you next week!