Members Update

It’s been a very tough few weeks for us here at Gaydar, and from your comments and feedback, we’re reminded each day about how very important a role Gaydar in our community has played, and continues to play, in many of your lives. Your passion for getting this right has empowered us.   You care, and we care, and we’ll get over this episode.

As we’ve said to many of our members since the switch over, no other site would ever choose to do it this way, no tech team would ever recommend this route, but sadly it was this route or close down the Gaydar platform.

Your support and patience motivates the team each day to improve, and we know we must do better. All your feedback is being read, assessed and converted into action priorities.   We’ve had some really great constructive feedback and key call-outs for missing features. Your ideas for improvements are now in a new and updated road map which we can share with you in the next few weeks on next key features.

It’s always been our aim to protect and build on the Gaydar legacy, and it’s our intention to continue on our journey and bring you the best innovative features as we move forward. 

But it’s vital to mention here, the old Gaydar site, and more importantly the old database, was unsustainable. And many of the results and behaviours you tolerated for so long were not fit for the 21st Century and behind-the-scenes have now been upgraded and improved,  ready for a new generation of members for you to also connect with.

The tech team here have been working around the clock on fixes to the code. Mac users are experiencing issues, not Gaydar specific, regarding location permissions via cookie based systems, so we’re working on a fix for that right now.

Gaydar prides itself in being the trusted LGBTQ community for genuine, caring members, and we know from many of you that being able to trust every connection and conversation really matters, with so many of you using it as a service for friendships, relationships and fun.

Now that we’ve migrated all the profiles from the last two years, we’ll push the next phase, and filter the grid to members active in the last three months only. This will reduce the grid population enormously, but we can then begin the push and reach out program and begin our new journey.

For those of you who’ve wondered why we didn’t run this new site as a beta, as some of you will know, that was our original plan, but the old database simply couldn’t handle the task, leaving us with the incredibly tough PLAN A only option.  

With regard to free Chat and Messaging, we outsourced these features to a messaging/chat specialist to help us build a new and improved messaging service for Gaydar across website and apps. Messaging and Chat was tested end-to-end on both sides for over two weeks before going live and worked well, but it simply couldn’t handle the volume and variety of connections, from web, Android and iOS once we went live.  

As well as Chat, here’s what else we’re currently focusing our efforts on:

1. Location improvements on both the new site and app
2. Completing the new Gaydar Commercial Area
3. Some of you are unable to verify your email address so this is being addressed as we speak
4. Filter improvements (adding more options and the ability to save) 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

We know there’s a lot to take in, but it’s important that you’re kept up to speed with what’s happening, what we’re doing and how we’re going to improve.

Thank you again for your continued support and feedback.  

We’re here and we’re listening to what you have to say.

Team Gaydar