How to use the new Gaydar messenger

The Gaydar message feature is the core of the new Gaydar site.  

If you are unsure how to use the new Gaydar messenger, here's a quick guide.

- Your messages will appear in a list under 'MESSAGES'.  All new messages are indicated with a red line that appears to the left photo.

- To load a message, simply click/tap on the message (white box) you'd like to open.  The message box will become dark blue and the message will open.

- Blue speech bubbles - the message has come from them.

- Green speech bubbles - the message has come from you.

- To reply to his message and keep the conversation going, type in your reply at the bottom.

- To send your text message, simply click/tap the blue arrow

- If you want to add an image from your Public or Private gallery, simply click on the '+' and select 'Attach media'

- To delete a message, just click/tap on the dustbin icon.