The new Gaydar Group Chat is one of Gaydar's most popular features.  

If you've never used it before or are still trying to find out what the different colours and numbers mean, here's a quick guide.

- To enter a room, simply click/tap on the room name.  You can be in more than one room at a time if you're feeling very chatty!

- Rooms that turn a pale green indicate that you are in the room.  If you see the example below, this example member is in three rooms. 'JUST CHAT, UK - London - Central + UK London - North East'

- A red number (see below UK London - Central '9') in a green box indicates that you are currently logged into that room, but actively chatting in another room.  The red number indicates how many comments have been made that you haven't seen yet.

- On the right is a list of all the members that are currently in that Chat Room

- Creating a message works exactly the same as on the new messenger.  Simply enter your message, hit enter or select the blue arrow button

- To start a private conversation, simply click/tap on the profile name is the right hand side list.  This will open their profile.  Once you are looking at their profile, simply select the speech bubble icon to start your private chat.

- To look at someones profile who's in chat and then return back to chat, select the profile name you want to open from the right hand list, click/tap to open the profile, when you have finished looking at the profile, select the red X in to top right hand corner of the profile.  This will return you to Chat.

Gaydar Chat