A Fresh Looking Gaydar Grid

One of the big differences you’ll notice about the new Gaydar site is the updated homepage or as we’ll be calling it from now on, the grid!

Say hello to the new Gaydar blue that's now home to a very neat ‘collage’ of your faces.

The Gaydar Site Grid

What Can You Expect From The New Grid?

Well, to start with, the grid of faces will change as your location changes. So if you’re using the new Gaydar on your mobile or tablet device via a 3/4G signal, as you move about your area/town/city, you’ll notice some fresh faces come into view. The same when taking your laptop to a new coffee shop and connecting to a different wifi signal.  Just don’t go to the coffee shop next to your house!

Go International!

You’ll also be able see what the grid looks like in other towns, cities and countries! When you search for guys based on ‘their’ location, whether that’s Sidmouth, Southampton or Sydney, the grid will display a collection of new faces to show you who’s on Gaydar in your chosen location.

So whether you want to look local, nationwide or international, at the click or tap of a button, you can be in a new place in seconds.

Oh – one more thing…  See the little green line that appears at the bottom of the photo? That means that the guy is currently online.

Sign in and discover your new Gaydar.

If you don't have a profile on the new Gaydar, create your FREE profile today.  After you've created your profile, don't forget to enter our new Gaydar site and App launch competition!  Your could WIN £5000 (or your local currency equivalent) to build your very own holiday with OutOfOffice.com

More information can be found here.