Hi guys

How's your week going?!

Take a look below at what we've been working on this week at Gaydar HQ.

Photo Size Reduction

We have had a lot of feedback from many of you saying that you were unable to find photos that were large enough to upload to your Gaydar Profile.  So we've done some tweaking and have now lowered the specified size of your photos.  

Before your photos had to be at least 600 x 850 pixels to upload.  We've now reduced this to 450 x 600.  So it's still the same shape (portrait), just smaller.  

How do you check the size of your photos?  

If you are using a PC:

- right click on the photo > properties > details > Dimensions

Using a mac? 

- right click on the image > Get Info > Dimensions

Guys Online Filter

Some of you may have noticed that we're changing the guys online filter option!  We've temporarily removed this from the Filter whilst we add your new search option which you'll see next week.  You new search option will allow you to search by 'Recently Active'.  

This will group guys by how long ago they were using their Gaydar profile - the most recent guys will show at the top of the list/grid.

You can still see who is online now! Just keep an eye out for the green line that appears under profile photos on the main Gaydar Grid.

Internal Member Communication Messaging System

We are pleased to confirm that we now have a new tool that we can use to speak you directly within Gaydar.

This gives us the opportunity not only to message you one to one, but also as a group.

Keep an eye out for little pop up notifications from us that will appear in the bottom right of your screens.