Your New Gaydar Profile Design

Before and during the design, build and shaping of the new Gaydar, we spoke to our members all over the world - online, face to face, for coffee and in focus groups.  

Our aim, to ensure our members had a part to play in building the new Gaydar.  This new site has been built for members, both existing and new so it was vital for them to tell us what they wanted to see, how it should function and what it should look like.

Gaydar Site Profile View

A huge part of our member feedback focused on your personal profile structure and ‘what‘ moving forward, members collectively thought we should enhance.

From the feedback, the new profile design was created.  

So what's new?


Your Main Profile Photo

It’s bigger. MUCH BIGGER! Your profile photo is what invites other members to come and explore your profile, so we need to make sure it’s the star of the show. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Your Public Gallery

We’ve also made these images larger and easier for other members to browse through, no matter what device you’re using.  Remember, this Gaydar can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


We’ve given you LOTS more space so you can tell others more about you, your likes and your interests.  Remember – other members want to find out more about you, so the more information you put on your profile, the more they’ll be able to learn about you.

Bigger Fonts

Big, bold text makes things that little bit easier to read no matter what device you use.

Sign in to the new Gaydar and take a look at your new profile design now!

Sign in > Menu (next to profile name) > My Profile

If you don't have a profile on the new Gaydar, create your FREE profile here.  After you've created your profile, don't forget to enter our new Gaydar site and App launch competition!  Your could WIN £5000 (or your local currency equivalent) to build your very own holiday with

More information can be found here.