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29 December 2017

It’s that time of week again, Gaydar Radio is back to start your weekend in style! This week we’re being taken over by DJ Andrew Moore!

Find out more about the handsome and talented Andrew Moore right here on the Gaydar blog!

How did Andrew Moore find his way on to the DJ scene? How did you make a name for yourself?

I used to work for and online music magazine in Glasgow and we went around the UK and Europe going to festivals and clubs to film and interview the DJ’s.  It was an amazing job that really got me into the DJ scene!

I then moved to London and started hosting various club nights whilst teaching myself to DJ on some cheap decks I had bought. When I felt good enough I asked some of the managers of those clubs to give me my first break.

andrew moore

What is a typical weekend like for Andrew Moore?

I’ve always been a big clubber so unless I’m DJing myself you will most likely find me in a club dancing.  I’m also a personal trainer so I like to keep myself in shape, so will be working out in the gym over the weekend at some point as well.

What style of music do you think is most popular in gay clubs at the moment? How do you stand out from that crowd?

It depends where you go. There are clubs for everyone, some gay clubs that cater only to pop music, and in London house music is a very popular style in most.

I like to play house but I would say I stand out from the crowd – I prefer the underground scene, which is mainly East London or Berlin, and I love techno!

Before you achieved your fame, who was your DJ Idol?

Working for the music magazine in Glasgow before was a great job as I got to meet most of them!  But there are so many… I would say Slam, Octave One, Ben Klock, Sven Väth, Damian Lazarus, Daniel Avery are just a few.

Bit cheeky but… What music would you listen to with company… With the lights out?

Oh my… It all depends on the situation. The XX are quite sexy. Music that has some nice sexy vocals!

Where will we find Andrew Moore over New Years?

I will be in London this year and I have been invited to a few house parties for New Year’s Eve and then will most likely be at club on New Year’s Day to continue the party!

Lets wrap up with a few quick questions. Which track can you absolutely not miss from any DJ set?

My music taste changes over time but I’ve always loved Black Water by Octave one as it reminds me of a special moment/time in my life.

Which track will you be starting off your next set with?

A new track I’m loving at the moment is “Volte-Face – Blatchington Mill (Wata Igarashi Stairway Remix)”

Want to keep up to date with Andrew Moore’s world?

Like him on Facebook and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

andrew moore

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