Gaydar Meets – Tate Lates (Free Event)

Gaydar Blog

Gaydar Blog
09 April 2018

Fun, friendly, flirty… and creative.

This month’s Gaydar Meets Tate Lates celebrates creativity in learning, both within the museum and beyond its boundaries. Join us for an eclectic mix of art, music, film, drop-in workshops, pop-up talks and street food.


Let’s make some magic on the dance floor, come and dance to your next best creative collaborator, meet your soul mate and flirt with whoever gets your creative juice flowing.

Whether you’re looking for fun or looking for friends,
single, a couple, a thruple or still getting over your exes, waste no tears and take your broken heart and turn it into art. Let’s drink, spill the tea, be happy and be inspired.

To help each other stand out once we’re inside the event, between 7:00 and 7:30 the Gaydar Team will be offering discreet badges at Kitchen and Bar on Boiler House Level 6.

Come back to Level 6 after your tour so you can meet other members and check out the stunning view.

At the end we’ll all end up at the Founder’s Arms for drinks and a bite to eat, and maybe a boogie elsewhere afterward if anyone is up for it.

So come for a fun, flirty and friendly night with all of your friends…



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